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Bring back LMA manager over due



    LMA was the best game ever and if it come out on ps4 it would be the best game on ps4 And football manger is rubbish 
  • RalgernRalgern Member New Car Smell
    LMA Manager 4 life (screw football manager)!!!
  • KarlJohnHarrisoKarlJohnHarriso Member New Car Smell
    I loved lma except 2006 had a massive 2player bug that player 2 couldn't buy players after season 1. However both my son and I prey each yr there will be another we live in hope. And everyone we know misses them and wants them back. If we are atypical it is missed by 10's of thousands or more
  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    8 posts since I last posted in this thread, 9 months ago. Mostly from accounts with 1 post. You are not atypical. Our resident Korean spammer makes more posts than that every day.

    Codemasters stopped making the game for a reason, it wasn't selling enough copies to be profitable. They said at the time that they were going to concentrate on racing games from now on.

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  • TrevorWheelerTrevorWheeler Member New Car Smell
    LMA is long overdue. It was a fun game that had a strong following. Instead of making a whole new game, why don't Codemasters consider releasing an updated version of the original game format with some new highlight cut-scenes and sell it as a cheap download for Xbox and PS4. It will sell very well. 
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