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Racenet service not available

I tried to go to either online events or league, I get the error message saying "Racenet service is not available. Please try again later!" on Dirt Rally. It started yesterday.

I'm playing that game on PC.


  • NarzugonNarzugon Member Wheel Nut
    Been down for me all weekend via the web. Haven't tried in game yet.
  • sgarnersgarner Member New Car Smell
    I am on PC and I cannot get to Racenet all weekend this is now my 3rd day. Though the website https://www.dirtgame.com/leagues comes up with a problem as well

  • SoCaLLbeerSoCaLLbeer Member New Car Smell
    Not working for me either. Southern California. 
  • LazyBonesLazyBones Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2016
    having the same issue, from Iran
    only tried it on past few days, thought there might've been changes in ToS ever since 1.1 tbh...since some videogame companies do that because of "sanctions"

    EDIT: Somehow it's fixed now. thanks to whoever that have fixed it, whether it be ISP or Codemasters
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  • ambidextriaambidextria Member New Car Smell
    same problem. career works well. pvp online finds lobbies, but I gave up to wait them starts.
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