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How do I disable ghost cars?

Hi All,

I love the game, but find my own (and downloaded friends') ghosts to be more distracting than helpful when I'm trying to better my lap time.  How do I disable the ghost times? 



  • crazehayes1984crazehayes1984 Member Unleaded
    On challenges it'll ask you download ghost when you choose car. Say no. But I think maybe when you do a lap you'll have that ghost then following. I don't think you can disable totally. I'll look now, I'm doing some challenges now.
  • KingRacer44KingRacer44 Member New Car Smell
    Yeah I think you're right.  I can choose to not download a ghost (seems to be of a friend / clubmate with the best time) - but I can't disable my own ghost. 

    I guess this is ok because with my own ghost I can improve bit by bit and just try to keep the ghost behind me... but with friends that have already gone through this process, I find trying to play 'catch up' from the get-go just makes me push too hard and lose focus somehow.  

    Thanks for responding. 
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