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Question for Codemasters

Is it possible to change the degree of rotation on the Logitech G920 on the XBox One With Dirt Rally
Been trying to get a definitive answer to this for days now so hoping Codies can give me the answer


  • SergeyTokarevSergeyTokarev Member Pit Crew
    edited July 2016
    Did you try to change Steering Saturation in Advanced Wheel Settings?

    "For example the Fiat 131 Arbarth has 1080 degrees of steering lock, reducing your steering saturation by 50% will now mean it has 540 degrees of rotation."
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  • JZStudiosJZStudios Member Champion
    Can't you also change that on the wheel itself in the driver settings?
  • EtirionEtirion Member Co-Driver
    The steering satuartion isnt based on the cars rotation its based on your wheels rotation, the g920 has 900° so for 540 you need 60% and for 270 you need 30%. Then theres also the soft-lock feature which uses the rotation of the real car (1080 is of course not possible with a steering wheel that only supports 900 so it will stay at 900) 
  • flash969flash969 Member New Car Smell
    when my car gets soo banged up  fenders and hood....how does it get restored to like new condition. It gets repAIRED AFTER EVERY RACE BUT THE FENDER AND HOOD STILL ARE ALL BATTERED UP.
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