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F1 2016 Setup Guide - Part 1 Now Available!

XyadasXyadas Member Wheel Nut
edited August 2016 in F1 Games - Setups
8/26/2016 - After sitting back for a couple of days and planning the next few phases of development of this guide I realized that there are quite a few major problems with how I've been handling the guide and the objective it is designed to meet. The end objective is to be beginner and first timer friendly to the world voodoo art of setting up a race car, but advanced enough for the beginners to keep on going and those with a firm grasp of the fundamental knowledge to learn and progress to the top. Seeing the initial direction I've gone and reviewing the plans thus far,  I feel I am straying from meeting both objectives. So expect a fair bit of time to go by before another update rolls out. This time more in line with the objective of this project. Stay tuned!

8/24/2016 - Part 1 of the guide is now available! Please keep in mind that this is a very early version of the document and not complete. This is intended to be a functional, informative early release version of the guide so people can get started learning about the setup parameters.

Hello everyone! I am going to be creating a comprehensive setup guide for this new game. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make setup adjustments to whatever car you are driving that are tailored to your driving style. So why go to all this work instead of just creating setups and posting them? Well, the most obvious one is that each car is different. That is further compounded by R&D if you are in career mode. The not so obvious reason is what I mentioned just a moment ago. The setups would be tailored to my driving style, my controller and my controller settings.

"But Xyadas," you say,  "would it really make that much of a difference?" Well, first off, I imagine driving a car with a wheel and pedals versus a controller would feel very different and require a different attitude in the way the car drives. Then there's also wheel settings and what kind of response and force feedback someone prefers. Then we get down to the personal differences. Some people want to steer a car with both ends with a mix of throttle, differential and brake settings. Some people prefer an aggressive pace or are on an aggressive strategy and thus can afford to extract more performance from the tyres at a cost of wear. Or even at a circuit that is balanced as far as emphasis on cornering or straightline speed, one driver might want to extract more cornering performance and another might want to extract more straightline speed. Some prefer understeer, some prefer oversteer. The variables are far too numerous to present. Such is the reason I have opted to focus my works on this approach.

A driver that does not wholly trust their car and what it will do will be unable to extract the maximum potential from it.

What will be covered?

1. Everything you can adjust on the car.
Setup Manual v0.10 - August 24th, 2016
  • Aerodynamics - Front and Rear Wing
  • Transmission (Differential) - On and Off Throttle Settings
  • Suspension Geometry - Camber and Toe
  • Suspension - Suspension, Anti-Roll Bar and Ride Height
  • Brakes - Pressure and Bias
  • Tyres - Pressure
  • Weight Distribution - Ballast
  • Fuel Load
2. Circuit Guides - Upcoming
  • Maps
  • Analysis - Sector by sector break down of straights, corners and types of corners and other noteworthy features.
  • Circuit Specific Setup Suggestions
3. Setup Theory - Upcoming
How I build setups for myself and the reasoning behind why I do what I do.

4. Race Strategy - Upcoming
Don't wing it. Make a plan for the race, then make a backup plan, then set rules that will govern the decision making process for uncontrollable events, ie: safety cars, weather.

5. Tyre Compounds - Upcoming
  • Seven Compounds - Explaining the usage and differences of each compound, five dry and two wet.
  • Allocation - Choosing your allocation for a race weekend.
6. In-Car Adjustments - Upcoming
  • Fuel Mix
  • Brake Bias
  • Differential - For those who want to extract even more performance corner by corner.
  • Front Wing Adjustment (During a pit stop).
7. Complete Race Weekend - Upcoming
How I put together my entire weekend.
  • FP1 to FP3 - My personal goals for each session, adjusting the setup and meeting team objectives and assignments.
  • Q1 to Q3 - Finding that ultimate lap. It's go fast time!
  • R - The showcase of all the hard work.

So there you have it! If there's anything specific you want to make sure I cover let me know. Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to let me know.
Best of luck!

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  • philapplerailyphilappleraily Member New Car Smell
    Hi Xyadas,

    A very good idea indeed ! This is missing in all previous games. I don't like applying setups found on the Internet because you have to feel your car and why you should make this change or this change. I don't doubt this will help many drivers.
    Could you maybe tell us which assists will be on/off ?
    I'm very excited to read from you.
    PS4 Pro + PlaySeat Revolution (Black edition) + Thrustmaster T300 + F1 Wheel + RS Dash
    Difficulty : Hard (60%)
    Renault Sport Formula One Team
  • XyadasXyadas Member Wheel Nut
    @philappleraily All assists off. For one I personally don't like assists in a game and wont use them if the real car doesn't have them. Plus assists could mask a problem with the car and you could be making the car worse without realizing it.

  • philapplerailyphilappleraily Member New Car Smell
    Thanks for your reply. I don't like any assist as well. Unfortunately, drivers seem to gain some advantage from them. I think I have some good general knowledge of a car handling (especially in Project Cars where I wrote a personal guide), so if you want my help in this work, maybe I can help you.
    Kind Regards.
    PS4 Pro + PlaySeat Revolution (Black edition) + Thrustmaster T300 + F1 Wheel + RS Dash
    Difficulty : Hard (60%)
    Renault Sport Formula One Team
  • WalliePWallieP Member New Car Smell
    This pretty much is what i have been hoping for. I am a okee racer but i just lack the knowledge of setups to create them myself.. wish you allready where further into your project and hope to see some results soon, gl!
  • XyadasXyadas Member Wheel Nut
    I've made decent progress with what I can. Much of it will have to wait until release before I can start writing it unfortunately. I want to make sure what I write is relevant to how it works and is implemented in the game.

    I'm going to run through my own pre-season testing on release day then kick off pro-career later that day if I have time, or through the weekend. So I expect to have something released within the first week.

  • WalliePWallieP Member New Car Smell
    Sounds great, looking forward to the release and will keep checking this topic, +1
  • Soupy1985Soupy1985 Member Unleaded
    Look forward to reading it and maybe having it on our community :)
  • XyadasXyadas Member Wheel Nut
    @Soupy1985 awesome! I'm going to be releasing the guide as individual pdfs while it's all coming together. During that time I only want a copy of the files available here. Less for me to keep track of as the update cycle would go pretty fast. Once it all comes together into one file I'll open up distribution of it.

    Thanks for your interest!

  • XyadasXyadas Member Wheel Nut
    For those wanting a timeframe update. I'll be starting my gameplay later today and all through my 4 day weekend. The first iteration will focus on the first thing in the list above, the setup of the car. That's what people are here for after all! Expect the initial guide to be posted within the next 7 days. I will update the main post above and reply here again when it's out.

    Best of luck!

  • jackhartejackharte Member New Car Smell
    Looking forward to this - thanks for the updates.
  • haitch40haitch40 Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    I am looking forward to this too after realising I used to be 3 seconds off the pace purely because my setup was trash.
  • gruaiggormgruaiggorm Member New Car Smell
    I'm also looking forward to this! I've never managed to understand what I need to do with my setups to improve lap times/stability and on every couple of tracks, the AI smashes me, presumably because my car is set up like ****
  • revbouncerrevbouncer Member New Car Smell
    Thanks mate I look forward to what you offer. I just bought this game today and setting the car up is a daunting task for me.
  • AridhroAridhro Member New Car Smell
    Looking forward to this setup guide. I am a noobie when it comes to setups.
    Tx in advance!
  • JBRacer77JBRacer77 Member Unleaded
    Looks fantastic, can't wait for this!!!!
  • TheHiddeTheHidde Member New Car Smell
    This would be really awesome!

    My main problems are now:
    - explainations are strange.. i mean what means skittish and terms like that lol..
    - also my biggest problem is i dont know if i have to put the slider to the right of left at some settings.
    Like with the camber and toe..
  • DanielVeiga87DanielVeiga87 Member New Car Smell
    Thanks Xyadas! I can't wait for your guide!
  • XyadasXyadas Member Wheel Nut
    edited August 2016
    Part 1 of the guide is now available! Please keep in mind that this is a very early version of the document and not complete. This is intended to be a functional, informative early release version of the guide so people can get started learning about the setup parameters.

    Please provide your feedback on any issues, concerns, or improvements to the content. Thank you!

    Setup Manual v0.10

  • DanielVeiga87DanielVeiga87 Member New Car Smell
    Amazing work Xyadas! 
    I'll try later. Tomorrow i bring my feedback.

  • transfixtransfix Member Unleaded
    Fantastic !!! Great work Xyadas. Looking forward to reading it all
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