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F1 2016 - VR Support

Will the game have PC VR Support? does anyone know?


  • solidioussolidious Member New Car Smell
    Don't know have not seen any new about it .I will not be buying f1 2016 till it is supported in vr
  • IndySigurIndySigur Member New Car Smell
    Same here. No buy until VR is supported. I have sold 2 of my monitors, given up on triple setup. I can not imagine racing these days without VR. Hope Codemasters add it quick and I really hope it is not some silly deal with Sony to have VR there first....
  • NarrowBackWingNarrowBackWing Member New Car Smell
    Will this get VR support ? .
  • NarrowBackWingNarrowBackWing Member New Car Smell
    I take the silence as a no ......... Ok that's fine .
  • neutronbombneutronbomb Member New Car Smell
    After racing in VR there really is no going back to 2D! I loved F1 2012 but I can't see myself racing without VR at this point. Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, iRacing, Dirt Rally all support VR, lets go codemasters!
  • DanceresortDanceresort Member New Car Smell
    just to drop my hat in, F1 REALLY needs VR support now, I dont even have a screen near my racing rig anymore so I have to play F1 2016 on a Large screen inside the Rift atm. Cant see why its so hard to do considering Dirt Rally has it?
  • SLiM3RCSLiM3RC Member New Car Smell
    I see no reply to VR support. The VorpX program supports lots of games FPS, RPG, SIM etc. Including Skyrim,  Fallout 3 & 4 plus F1 2010, 11, 12, 13 and 14 on the oculus and vive cost about $40 £30 it can be found here (http://www.vorpx.com/)
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