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Rally Sim League XBOX ONE

emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
Hi guys!

Please check out the Rally Sim League, starting tonight until the end of August (another season will be created right after with different rallies). For this month 4 events/6 stages and all "tarmac".
Categories 2000, R4, Group A, Kit Cars
It is not mandatory however, please try to follow the league "rules", no assists, manual transmission and head/cockpit cam... rally SIM league :P


Hope to see you there!



  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell

    after the first event we have, emacyclist 25 points, SturmBury with 18 points and everybody else even at 0.

    Come and join us for the second event, a nice 6 stages German rally!

  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    Event 2 is now over,
    emacyclist Ford Focus RS Rally 200126:50.350
    joeri454 Subaru Impreza 200126:56.266+00:05.916
    MaxSterling13 Subaru Impreza 200128:58.929+02:08.579
    SturmBurySubaru Impreza 200129:12.960+02:22.610

    Season Standings, emacyclist 50 pts followed by MaxSterling13 33pts and joeri454 18 pts.

    Come and join us for event 3!
  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    Event 3 is now over, come and join us for event 4, Rally of  Germany!

    Event 3 won by MaxSterling13 Subaru Impreza 200130:26.608
    DNF emacyclist on stage 4

    Season standings, 1. emacylist 50 pts 2. Sturmbury 33 pts. 3. MaxSterling13 25 pts. 4. joeri454 18 pts.

    (I don't know why MaxSterling13 doesn't appear in the season standings and league members... :S )
  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    Event 4 over, won by QBJames.

    Previous season is now over, standings:
    1 emacyclist 68
    2 MaxSterling13 40 (I added the 25pts the system didn't give you when you won the event no.3)
    3 SturmBury 33
    4 QBJames    25
    5 joeri454     18
    Everybody else with 0 pts.

    Come and join us for another season, 4 events/6 stages each.

    Finland/Germany/Wales/Monaco, Group B 4WD/RWD.


  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    Event 1 is over,
    Tanne42Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 28:41.845--
    QBJamesPeugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 31:19.872+02:38.027
    MaxSterling13Lancia Delta S433:42.436+05:00.591

    Event 2 is under way, come and join us!

  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    After my last post other seasons have been completed.

    Below you can see the last 3 season results

    1 emacyclist 68
    2 SturmBury 33
    3 QBJames        25
    4 joeri454 18
    5 MaxSterling13 15
    6 AxsFin        0
    7 JamaicaKnase78 0
    8 cuddlymaker6821 0
    9 MURICAMAN1776 0
    10 Gavman90 0

    1 Tanne42        68
    2 QBJames        45
    3 Mad66Mav 40
    4 MaxSterling13 35
    5 Pieniasko 25
    6 marcoloeb 18
    7 emacyclist 12
    8 SturmBury 8
    9 AxsFin        0
    10 JamaicaKnase78 0

    1 Tanne42        68
    2 MaxSterling13 58
    3 Mad66Mav 33
    4 ORNDefender 25
    5 tilithom 18
    6 emacyclist 12
    7 AxsFin        0
    8 JamaicaKnase78 0
    9 Pieniasko 0
    10 cuddlymaker6821 0

    League standings

    1       Tanne42         136
    2       MaxSterling13   108
    3       emacyclist      92
    4       Mad66Mav        73 
    5       QBJames         70
    6       ORNDefender 25
    6       Pieniasko 25
    8       marcoloeb 18
    8       tilithom 18
    8       joeri454 18
    everybody else with 0 pts.

    Season no.4 is underway, 2 events/15 stages each, Germany and Monaco, Cat 2000's.

  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    Season 4 is about to finish, I will be creating another season right after however, I would like to hear some suggestions. Any preferences in particular, Rallies/Category/Length?

  • shnooshnoo Member New Car Smell
    I finally was able to register on this forum, for few weeks I saw an error and I couldn't write anything.
    I must say that I like realism in this league. No restarts and longer events. I think that more than 10 stages per rally is great, although too many is sometimes hard to find time (at least for me) to finish them all (I am new to the game and I have to practive before I drive in league.
    4-5 events per season is also ok
  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    Hi guys!

    since August I have been running Rally Sim League non-stop, together we have completed 10 seasons, another season with 3 events starts tonight.

    As I mention in the league description, below you can find an overall standings from August until now. Obviously not everybody (including myself) completed all the events however, I find it nice thing to have an overall standings up to date.  Please note I kept and I will keep records of every season standings from the 1st place until the last place however, for now I only wrote the standings until 15th place. I don't know if you can change username, if you can and you did I'm sorry if the standings are not correct, it would be too much work and I don't have time for that :P

    1  MaxSterling13 297
    2  tilithom         287
    3  emacylist       249
    4  Schuutje96    220
    5  tanne42          212
    6  juny02            148
    7  Mad66Mav    103
    8  QBJames         82
    9  ORNDefender 75
    10 FaalkoZ          43
    11 joeri454         38
    12 mikeee46       37
    13 WouterFJ        35
    14 shnoo             30
    15 Edwinsimo      25
    15 DayVm            25
    15 Pieniasko        25

    Enjoy the next season, 3 events Monte Carlo, Finland, Germany, Group A.


  • shnooshnoo Member New Car Smell
    Hi Emanuele, will you create new season? I will be back to home on Monday and will compete on each event.
    I can even take over management from you.
    BTW, did you ever tried to do mixed surfaced event? Like start in Finland and finish in Germany?
  • emacyclistemacyclist Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2017
    Hey, sorry for the late reply. To be honest with you I don't like the idea of starting in Finland and finish in Germany...or any other combination like that.

    Concerning the last event of the current season, I have seen two drivers were using assists. I cannot tell if you are driving with interior cams or no however, we all know the game tells us who is driving with assists on or off. The league is called Rally SIM League therefore I would like you to drive with assists off. I have given 5 points penalty to two drivers who drove the last event with assists on. I don't think is fair for the other guys who are driving with assists off.

    Post edited by emacyclist on
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