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Grand Prix Manager - Introduction and Sign up (ATTEMPTING REVIVAL)

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Hey, I'm Mexicola. I'm a student, I'm broke, and I'm bored. Now that's out of the way, let's make our time on the forum a bit more spicy with this little picnic. What picnic you ask? Well, allow me to explain some stuff to you.

This an F1 management game (that was totally ripped off from Chris2k6 from grandprixgames.org) which will be played on this forum, using Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4. Basic idea is, you sign up, I assign you a team at random, you manage that team using mechanics explained below and throughout the seasons, I will simulate the sessions and races and you work towards bettering your team. I tried to run this before but it didn't get off the ground due to lack of interest. So let's have another go, might as well.

(special thanks to Chris2k6, Twigster and Morgiman on GrandPrixGames.org for the original concept and format)

(You do not need Grand Prix 4 to play this game, all it requires is a bit of forum participation - that's it)

Your job, as team manager, is to negotiate contracts with drivers, engine suppliers and tyre manufacturers and make decisions regarding strategy, testing and upgrades. When you sign up, you're randomly assigned a team. However, being assigned to a high-end team won't guarantee long term success. Your performance can drop off if you're not careful, and other teams can make leaps and gains. Similarly, being assigned to a low-end team doesn't mean you're stuck there for eternity, although it can be difficult to move up the ranks due to comparatively small budget.

I'm the dungeon master, stupid. I set the budgets, rules, prices, handle contract negotiations and simulate all test, practice, qualifying and race sessions.

Each team is given a budget according to their position of the previous year's Constructors' Championsip. With this budget, you can organise contracts with drivers, engine and tyre suppliers and do testing. All contracts and Grand Prix/Testing strategies are made through sending me a PM. Let me break this down into several sections.

DRIVER CONTRACTS: Each team can assign two race drivers and a test/reserve driver. The test driver drives during practice sessions in place of  Driver #2, and can be switched into a racing seat at the manager's will or in the event of injury or other suspension. Each driver has a base price, which can be negotiated depending on the status of the team and whether or not another team is negotiating with them already. A driver can be signed up to a maximum of three years. Some drivers prefer shorter contracts, some prefer long term commitment. Pay drivers increase budget, but may not perform as well as drivers who ask for a bit of a paycheck. A driver may prefer to stay at their team if they're happy with where they are and high achieving drivers might not want to join a struggling team. A driver can announce retirement, although will see out the end of their contracts.

DRIVER PERFORMANCE:  Drivers can attain performance boosts by finishing in the top 15. Managers must ensure a driver is happy with where they are is in order to maximise motivation and performance. Happiness is attained through seat stability (i.e. being assured of a seat next season; leaving contracts too late could do a number on the driver's performance), peace within the team and success. 

Tyres are free no matter which supplier you pick, Bridgestone or Michelin. Bridgestone tyres are more durable and provide better performance in the race but aren't quite as good over a single lap. Michelin tyres however are best suited for qualifying but suffer a bit in race pace. Tyres contracts are year long, and can be assigned to any number of teams. Before a Grand Prix, each team has three compounds to choose from, Soft, Medium and Hard.  Soft tyres give negate race performance but improve qualifying performance, Hard tyres do vice versa and Medium tyres keep performance the same.

Each team can negotiate a contract for an engine supplier, and can supply a maximum of 3 teams. You can gain old versions of  an engine if the supplier has already supplied three teams or if you want cheaper units, which will be badged under the team's sponsor (i.e. Petronas, Acer, Asiatech, etc). If you are a works team like Ferrari or Toyota, you cannot change your engine supplier for obvious reasons.

  Before and during the season, test sessions will be held. Pre-season testing is free, and each mid-season test costs £500K to run. The manager can choose to focus on performance or reliability. Managers can choose any of their drivers to participate in the test, if unstated the default Driver 1 and Test Driver will run the session. Timing from the tests will be posted in full.

ACTIVITY CHECKS: Manager activity will be checked on a race by race basis. If a manager fails to post at the end of one Grand Prix to the next, they will be given a warning. Two Grand Prix's in succession without activity will result in expulsion from the series, as will a third warning at any point of a season.The place will be filled by whoever is top of the reserve list, or an existing manager can request to move to the vacant team. Warnings can be avoided if the manager informs me in advance of any absence.

Preparation: Before the Grand Prix, each team must send me their Driver Bias and Tyre Choice. Driver Bias is the amount of Performance points reallocated from one driver to another. Teams can choose from soft, medium and hard tyres.
Practice: The weekend starts with a two hour practice session featuring the first driver and test driver. This will be simmed, and results posted in full. A setup bonus is provided here, and will be according to how close your two driver's times are. The top 3 closest teams get 5 performance points for the car. Teams 4th to 6th closest will gain 3 performance points for the car. These points are temporary and will be retracted after the Grand Prix.
Qualifying: As per real life rules, 60 minute session with 12 laps. Like practice, will be simmed and results posted in full.
Race: Races are run at 100% distance, and depending if I have time a screenshot highlights package will be provided or if not the results in full.
Performance Boosts: Depending on the success of the weekend, a driver may obtain boosts to their performance. The amount of positions gained from grid position and the position within their team tier will translate to performance points. Poor results or unreliability will result in driver performance decreasing slightly.
Aftermath: A news bulletin will be posted, detailing contract signings and driver statements. Teams can issue statements by posting in the thread.

Race Drivers (race only)
1st / 15pts
2nd / 14pts
3rd / 13pts
4th / 12pts
5th / 11pts
6th / 10pts
7th / 9pts
8th / 8pts
9th / 7pts
10th / 6pts
11th / 5pts
12th / 4pts
13th / 3pts
14th / 2pts
15th / 1pt

Test Drivers (test and practice only)
1st / 10pts
2nd / 8pts
3rd / 6pts
4th / 5pts
5th / 2pts

1st / 50m
2nd / 45m
3rd / 40m
4th / 37m
5th / 35m
6th / 32m
7th / 30m
8th / 27m
9th / 25m
10th / 22m
11th / 20m

For teams, at the end of each season, each team's performance will be reset to even and then boosted according to Constructors Championship placement, performance gained during the season, test sessions completed, victories, podiums, points total, fastest laps and pole positions.
For drivers, at the end of each season, the amount of performance points each driver has earned during the season is divided by 10 to level the field. Additional perf points are also awarded for seasons completed, victories, podiums, points total, fastest laps, pole positions and for winning the Driver's Championship.

The game will start with the 2001 season, with drivers and suppliers as of the 2001 Australian Grand Prix. You can negotiate your team's affairs for 2002 midway through the season; contracts open at the 2001 Monaco Grand Prix.

Hey, I'm trying my best. If you have any suggestions or queries, please do let me know; I'm bound to have forgotten something. If it seems confusing it means I'm doing a poor job of explaining it, everything will become very clear and simple when it gets going.

I suppose so.



  • Tyre brands now determine qualifying pace and race pace rather than overall pace and reliability.
  • Clarified that GP4 is not required to play.
  • Constructor prize money listed
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