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What Would You Do? Game

DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Race Steward
edited August 2016 in World of Motorsport
Your in Formula 1. There are 6 laps left in the British Grand Prix and you are currently sitting in 3rd position 20 seconds behind 1st. It was raining lightly so every one is one Intermediates. The track is starting to dry. The pit delta is about 28 seconds. What would you do?

What Would You Do? Game 16 votes

Pit for some soft rubber same lap as leader
DiRTKiNG808mike96SwearImSoberJulioMassaLiverpoolrule19 5 votes
Take your chances and stay on the Intermediates (Take the lead with about an 8 second gap)
couger1981sjsharp2010APR193andmcqHelmetSquadTrueRacerMicBeastnumber2Twayerees1dumbafMassEffect1206 11 votes
Feel it our for 2 laps and then come in once you know your screwed!


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