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How do you measure tyre degredation through your setup?

gruaiggormgruaiggorm Member New Car Smell
I'm trying to improve my understanding of setting the car up and how to get the most out of it. Things like cornering stability and straight line speed are (relatively) easy to measure but how can I quantify my tyre deg changes when refining my setup?

The best solution I have at the moment is to check the % tyre deg over 3/4 laps, come in, change setup and go again for 3/4 laps, checking my tyre deg % all the while. This is on the assumption that tyre deg remains constant (if our driving is consistent) over the tyre life, which the pre race strategies and tyre deg practice simulation suggest. However, as deg increases, my driving consistency drops and I lock up that bit more, enter corners a bit too fast etc etc. I feel all of this causes tyre deg to increase faster the older the tyres are and my races definitely suggest this.

Anyway, does anyone have a clever way to evaluate how they are doing on tyre deg when making setup changes?


  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    I think the most effective way to see your degradation is to perform the tire management test in free practice. Be sure to use all the compounds to get a rough idea. Ultimately, driving style has a greater effect on tire degradation than vehicle setup. 
  • gruaiggormgruaiggorm Member New Car Smell
    Yeah, I certainly do every tyre management test in practice but just on the one setup. Thanks, I'll try testing setups using the management test. I have heard that driving style will have a greater effect but I want to know how we can measure set up differences more than anything.
  • RakarovRakarov Member New Car Smell
    Amaazing info from Rymo !!! Thanks for that rare info buddy! :blush:  
  • Ujhelyi91Ujhelyi91 Member Wheel Nut
    Camber can make a difference but at the end of the day, your driving style is going to play a much bigger factor (mainly if you play no assists) for prolonging tire life.
    Being smooth on the throttle, releasing pressure on brakes at the right time to avoid lockups, avoiding full lock through high speed turns will do more for making your tires go longer than  any setup will. 
  • dwin20dwin20 Member Wheel Nut
    @Rymo16 - Great material - Thanks!

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