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wanlukewanluke Member New Car Smell
edited September 2016 in F1 Games - Leagues
Attention all Xbox one gamers DRL are looking for drivers for our new season on 2016 that starts soon. We currently have 40 registerd members and always welcome new drivers. My website is updated daily and all our races are uploaded to my YouTube channel and with the added bonus of a cash prize and trophies you can experience the best and realistic wheel to wheel racing. So check out the website for all the rules and conditions.
my Xbox gamer tag is DRL wanluke (owner)
thanks guys 


  • RonofichRonofich Member New Car Smell
    Your website looks good. Got impression you look for experienced drivers don´t you?...I am fairly new in sim racing and don´t come close to the good drivers. Is F2 beginners?
    F1 2016: Rookie <> Xbox Name: Ronofich
  • wanlukewanluke Member New Car Smell
    Thanks mate we range from all sorts of drivers but yeah gp2 is for the beginners but there are some good drivers there too I'm moving onto 2016 on the 27th add me on Xbox and I'll give you a trial and u can meet the lads
  • RonofichRonofich Member New Car Smell
    Great..I dont good drivers as long they know there are rookies :) I was in a league and 2nd race they asked me to retire because I wasnt in their league YET!

    I will add you soon on Xbox and like to have the trial at 27th..on Xbox you can add me under name Ronofich. Oh I´m from Europe in regard to times.

    Thanks mate

    F1 2016: Rookie <> Xbox Name: Ronofich
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