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Front wing change bug and SC problems

I tested online yesterday (first three and a half minutes of the video) and after that catastrophe, decided to return to offline. Noticed a few different issues with that also that have shown in the video:

1. Has it always been that the counter for session to start has been restarted if someone joins the lobby (example seen at the start of the video)?
2. There are two SC icons for some reasons in the minimap. Didn't find a reason for that and both disappeared after the SC left the track.
3. AI still doesn't still feel too rushed with catching the safety car.
4. For some reason my front wing wasn't changed during pit stop. I crashed in the pit entry (on the gravel trap part) and had two pit stops when it wasn't changed. Managed to get it changed by changing the option from YES to NO and then back to YES (as seen in the video). 

Anyone had similar issues? 


  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    PS4 career mode race, I also just suffered this, the damage was minimal but still affected my times enough to need it changed, I did the quick option mapping on display from auto to yes and requested an early pit, they changed my tyres then sent me on my way! No new front wing! So I had to not only care more for the new tyres but I got stuck with the slower times and sometimes struggling a little on the tougher corners. Am I doing the wrong option? I just assume putting the option to yes for changing the front wing that any damage at all would be fixed. Please check this thanks, it was a race killer. Also just to note if there is a realistic limit to front wings this was the only damaged wing I had all weekend.
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