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F1 2016 PS4 League | Join Now | Apex Racing League 5PM UK Time Saturday | COMMENTATOR NEEDED!

TrueRacerMicTrueRacerMic Wheel Nut
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This is a league for competitive players in Europe and on the PS4. All i want is the PSN ID and the team you want to drive as. Races start next Saturday 24/9 so anyone who is interested just post your PSN ID and the team you want to drive for
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  • Also races are going to be 50 % and Short Qualifying
  • And the is up to you but propably 18:00 uk time each Saturday
  • MrCosta96MrCosta96 New Car Smell
    If the time stays the same, I'm in. MrCosta96 and McLaren.
  • Hello MrCosta96 something came up and i cant race then but if you want you can join f1tshub where i race as well. They race friday nights
  • QueefQueef New Car Smell
    PSN TEKNIIKZ1 and the team I want to drive is red bull
  • Change of plans . The hour we are racing is 4pm. Same day. If anyone cant then tell me when you can 
  • QueefQueef New Car Smell
    This Saturday at 4pm?? Can't wait how many people we got 
  • Kruger1981Kruger1981 New Car Smell
    Hi. If there is still any spots available I would like to join. Psn name: Kruger_81
    Regarding the team I would like redbull but if it's full I can go with mclaren 
  • Ok so Kruger,queef mr costa for now. Does any of you guys have a mic?
  • QueefQueef New Car Smell
    I do have a mic dude
  • QueefQueef New Car Smell
    I have a friend that plays f1 too I'll say to him if he is up for it 
  • Yeah cool . At the moment we are 4 and with your friend we are 5
  • Kruger1981Kruger1981 New Car Smell
    Yep I have mic.
    Regarding race rules, hope we have damage set to sim and full rules and flags tire wear and fuel usage :)
  • Kruger1981Kruger1981 New Car Smell
    Also, if we don't have enough people, will the rest of the grid going to be populated with AI drivers? If so what difficulty level?
  • dappajackodappajacko New Car Smell
    Any chance I can join 
    PSN rapidman79
    message me if you have space I will race every week and I'm a clean driver don't do reckless smashing and crashing got rally for that lol
  • HTY26HTY26 New Car Smell
    PSN is MAC85HELL .... trying to get back in to league racing 
  • PSN; Odemdemz98. Been looking for a Saturday league.
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    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEG6HcUUCyyFR9dQVwYsItA
  • @Odemdemz @HTY26 @dappajacko @Kruger1981 @Queef @MrCosta96 i will send yoy friend request sorry i was busy lately. Odemdemz we know each other
  • First race is this Saturday then if someone cant make it then tell me. Its at 5 oclock
  • Do you have anything which isn't during the weekend? Unfortunately my gf would kill me if I'd race during that time.
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