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F1 2016 Triples - Solved it myself

ComairisComairis Member New Car Smell

Starting from the beginning and F1's before 2016 is easy to do Triple Screens. Using SoftTH is a breeze to get fabulous Immersion effect but, sadly will not work in 2016 because game uses DX11 which SoftTH is not compatible with. Relying solely on this game Triple setup I found the results to be stretched and distorted across three screens including all video content, so back to playing game with a single centre screen. Maybe I did something wrong and I would like advise please. Started by going to in-game video.. selected my 1360X768 resolution, widescreen, number of screens 3. Active game blinked a bit, filled centre screen, then confirmed settings. Now the centre screen was stretch-able with mouse to file both side screens. I did not have to configure "config file" found in Documents/Games file.  In game under"F2" tried to adjust game graphics FOV, up, down, etc which only distorted the distorded image I already had...no good.

How are you smart game players getting playable Triples and not using Sli and the rest of the stuff you buy, also did I do my setup right I wish to know.

No resolve leaves me with the hope that the DEVs can do an update to fix this problem as the best game playing is with triples. By the way I play over 20 racing games daily and they are all using Triples...which I setup myself using various applications. It is sad that F! 2016 can't run triples because the game is fabulous and will become one of my favorites to play. Thank you. 

After a couple of days I got no responses, while trying this and that I solved Tri-Monitors myself..here is how and the resolution is properly seen across three screens and huds are all on centre screen only. 1st in-game sets it all up for you and you need no outside applications if you have 1 source and 2 output monitors. Let me apologize to the DEVs its just that no instructions means a lot of trial and errors to be done. Once done you feel kind of stupid that you didn't know how ??  Now a great great game. Go to Steam Discussions for detailed guide for setup.

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  • BalkhanBalkhan Member New Car Smell
    I don't exactly understand what you are doing...your triple screen resolution is 1360 x 768?   Are you using NIVIDA Surround or AMD Eyefinity?

    I use NVIDIA Surround @ 5760 x 1080 (3x ASUS VG248QE 144 Hz) and it works fine.  Go into NIVIDA Control Panel and set up surround mode....
  • ComairisComairis Member New Car Smell
    So sorry for delay response as I did not anticipate any inquiries...anyway No using no apps to get the triples...just the games own abilities. Go to Steam F1 2016 community and there you will find a step by step instructions that works fine and I am still using with F1 2016 today.
  • ComairisComairis Member New Car Smell
    Oh forgot..In Steam discussions for F1 2016 search for heading " Triples Guide Setups for 2 side monitors ". Instructions will be at very bottom of page 2. Race on guys.
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