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Patch News - v1.7.0

LozzyLozzy Member, Codemasters Champion
Hello everyone, I wanted to try this to see if people feel it's an improvement to the way we communicate the status of upcoming patches.

The next patch will be v1.7.0 and will be released on all platforms. We're skipping 1.6 on PS4 and Xbox One because with hindsight making our version number different to Sony's version number on PS4 just caused confusion. Getting all platforms on to the same version should also be clearer for you all too I hope.

Patch Notes
  • Added the Master difficulty option to bridge the gap between Expert and Legend.
  • Added the Master difficulty option when starting a new Career and Championship Season. - New for v1.7.0
  • Changed the tyre rules so the tyre you start the race on counts as a mandatory for the race.
  • Falling too far behind penalties will no longer be given after being told to overtake the Safety Car.
  • Corrected a few translation issues.
  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause race sessions to never end.
  • Fixed a bug that could give players who rejoin a multiplayer session the wrong tyres. - New for v1.7.0
  • All cars now use the same gearbox when playing with Equal Performance. - New for v1.7.0
  • Nvidia Scalable Link Interface (SLI) performance improvements. - New for v1.7.0
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs.

PC: Live.
PS4: QA approved, sent to Sony.
Xbox One: QA approved, sent to Microsoft.

I'm going to keep this sticky thread closed so the relevant information is clear for everyone but you can discuss it here.

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