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Looking for players

RTAnoskillsRTAnoskills Member New Car Smell
Grid Autosport is looking for players.....

Can you help?
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Team NSR

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  • TUSMBOXTUSMBOX Member New Car Smell
    And you wonder why you're labeled as a troll.

  • XoxFlukeXoxXoxFlukeXox Member Wheel Nut
    edited November 2014
    TUSMBOX said:
    And you wonder why you're labeled as a troll.
    Aw, you looking for a reaction again? You got no spelling to go and correct? Or maybe @kimdurose‌ hasn't made any posts for you  to mark as spam recently and you're feeling bored.

    RTA's just trying to make light of a situation that isn't even effecting PS3 players.  If you feel he's a troll why even bother reading the threads he creates?

    Stop trying to wind people up/start arguments all the time please.

    Team NSR

  • TUSMBOXTUSMBOX Member New Car Smell
    Oh my god, you couldn't be more of a meatrider. This isn't "making light of a situation." But you can't see much outside of your little microcosm. It's sad, really.

    And I'm not the one that's trying to cause commotion. I'm speaking my mind. Don't like it? Take your own advice and don't read what I post. 

  • LooreLoore Member Champion
    Enough, keep the petty squabbles out of the forums, if you don't particular like another forum user then the best course of action is to simply ignore them.

    I'm a big fan of the saying; if you've got nothing constructive to say, it's perhaps best not saying anything at all.
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