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DiRT Rally Update - Version 1.23. Found a bug? Post it here!

ChristinaMcChristinaMc Member, Codemasters Community Manager
Hi all,

We've just pushed live a small patch to improve the stability of the game. If you've noticed any issues or problems slip through the cracks, please let us know here so we can look into them!



  • warpengagewarpengage Member Petrol Head
    Peugeot 306 Maxi interior gets blurred on replays, especially on sunny conditions. Try Finland or Germany to see it.

    Also, DiRT Rally start screen still displays V1.22 instead of 1.23.

    Just letting you know.
  • SankinatorSankinator Member New Car Smell
    Removal of the ability to launch the game outside of Steam resulted in breaking ReVive functionality. Please, either work with the 3rd party developer, or implement Vive support, as DiRT Rally has great entertainment value using a VR Headset.
  • klm5000klm5000 Member New Car Smell
    MaXyMsrpl said:
    Speaking about Vive I'm sure something is broken regarding VR performance. I cannot get stable 45fps on MED settings with 4xMSAA using GTX1070 card while I'm sure it goes 90+ on tripple screen (3xFullHD) with ultra settings.
    This may be for naught if CM intentionally blocked the ability to run the game under ReVive (which would **** be off majorly since I've owned it for less than a month...) but I had it running great after some tweaking.  The three main things that seemed to make a big difference on my rig: 1) turn off ground cover. 2) set trees to medium. 3) disable hyperthreading and speed step on your CPU.   With this settings I was able run on ultra (except for the two settings noted above) on my 1070.
  • rodall3rodall3 Member New Car Smell
    I saw WRC 6...mmhh what can I say...I think Dirt rally will remain a looong time the reference in rally simulation! Long life to Dirt Rally!!
    I expect just new content!
    Thank you Codemasters
  • Atrox84Atrox84 Member New Car Smell
    I'm sorry to say that I have found a way to cheat online, in both weekly and monthly races....
    This is just on PC, I think... Every time you are unsatisfied with your time, or you crash out in this races, Its easy to start all over again... Just hit control, alt, delete,and end task in task manager. This ends the game. When you restart the game, you can restart the SS you failed in.

    Is there any way you can fix this? Make it impossible to do this. Make it save the game automatically in the crash-out-sequence or something...

    Best game ever, btw!!!!!
  • Guenther1967Guenther1967 Member New Car Smell
    When do you plan to fix the Codriver issues? Since the first time I played over one year ago only a few were fixed for the German one -  there is still minimum one for every long stage!

  • speedy996speedy996 Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2016
    Hi all,

    We've just pushed live a small patch to improve the stability of the game. If you've noticed any issues or problems slip through the cracks, please let us know here so we can look into them!


    Hi Christina!

    I just got Dirt Rally on my Xbox One and the moment I hit my very first dirt road, the game just blew my socks right off!

    DR is THE rally simulation I've been waiting for. Thanks for delivering this product to us. :)

    I have a quick question about the sound volume in DR: it's rather low. I have to turn my sound system up by nearly 50% to get the same oomph and visceral feel as other racing games (Forza, i.e.). 

    Setting the Dynamic Range to "low" helps boost the game volume, but then the same quality isn't there. I've got the console hooked up to my TV through an HDMI cable, which in turn, has a pair of high-quality RCA jacks going to a Hifi 8-speaker digital stereo amp. 

    I've set the EQ to "flat" (TV and Headphones being the other two options). Sometimes, I have to turn the volume up so much, that the co-driver's volume has to be turned down to 40 to compensate!

    I also noticed, on occasions, the framerate exhibits a micro-second stutter - some may not notice this at all, but some of us do! Does this happen specifically at times when the Xbox shifts to a 900p resolution to keep the fps consistent at 60? Just curious. 

    Thanks for reading. You guys are the best - I am cherishing every minute of Dirt Rally! 
  • RimushkaRimushka Member New Car Smell
    What's going on with the game? When you try to enter the league offers be registered on the site. But the network race work.
    On the splash screen contains the version 1.22, but update has been established
  • mantasisgmantasisg Member New Car Smell
    Hello, I have problems with performance, performance was very good in the past, had some blast experience. 

    But now some weird things happened. Maybe that is caused by most recent Win10 updates I don't know. I also use Assetto Corsa a lot, and I think loading times increased...

    My problem... The first few runs everything is OK, but when I go to next country performace gets really poor. 

    For example, I drive few stages at Sweden and fps are 40-50, then switch to Germany or England... and fps are 15-20. I quit to the menu, check task manager, and it shows me that even while in the menu Dirt still use 3+GB of RAM. I didn't have any issues with Dirt performance in the past. Maybe it has some issues after certain Windows 10 update.... Hope thats not my hardware failing. Maybe recent Windows update messed up something for the drivers...

    Also I have same issue that when I run Dirt Rally it runs 1.22 version, not 1.23. So I guess the update wasn't successfully installed. 

    Sorry if  I'm posting into wrong thread, I'm new here. 

    Thanks for the simulator ;)
  • SansayaSansaya Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2016
    Hello, Dirt Rally used to play fine on my new skylake system with GTX1070. at 60fps (just a little hiccup now and then).

    Tried playing it yesterday and I'm getting huge fps drops here and there while driving, tried lowering the graphics settings but it didn't help :(.

    I'm gaming on windows 8.1.
    Using the latest nvidia driver 375.70
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  • SansayaSansaya Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2016
    Hmm, no activity here I see :(
    @ChristinaMc   ?

    Dirt Rally is not running smooth.
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  • mantasisgmantasisg Member New Car Smell
    Yeah, support seems to be a bit "sleepy" as well as community. I found that it is a bit more active in Steam discussions. However, still not the best.

    Today I have tried to delete latest Win10 update. And it helped with Dirt stability. Frames still drops a bit sometimes, but at least gets back now, and don't drop drmatically low. 

    Toobad I can't delete all latest Win10 updates. Which I had three since October 18th - the time approximately Dirt started performing badly. Few later updates of windows10 on my system resulted to work Assetto Corsa poorly too.

  • R4pt0rHeartR4pt0rHeart Member New Car Smell
    Just some strange physics on Wales :

    Just unsupportable when trying max attack ...
    This kinds of  of **** not happens in grece or finlands ...

    It need to be solve ...
  • PorkhammerPorkhammer Member Champion
    edited November 2016
    I have found the easiest solution to be not to touch them. Try to keep the car in the middle of the road?
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  • BadD0gBadD0g Member Team Principal
    It is annoying, but don't count on it getting changed in this game. You'll just have to adapt.
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  • R4pt0rHeartR4pt0rHeart Member New Car Smell

    I have found the easiest solution to be not to touch them. Try to keep the car in the middle of the road?

    At first I try to just stay on the middle of the road ... but time after time I just find wales so bad to plays :(
    I feel it like a disaster for the gameplay because we can't use all of the road... and in rally it's how we are suppose to drive ... use all of the road for find out best trajectories ...

    BadD0g said:
    It is annoying, but don't count on it getting changed in this game. You'll just have to adapt.

    Yes, I suppose Codemaster will never change this... but this is supposed to be the Codemaster's job...
    Some years ago ( at Toca Race Driver Age ) never a mistake like that would have been published ...
  • karik134karik134 Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2016
    Does this game have now some sort of  individual suspension damage on the cars?

    I experienced something like that when I was doing the monthly in 2010s Mini Countryman.
    After a smaller jump in Jyrkysjärvi beginning something broke on the left rear suspension and it wasn't a visible puncture, co-driver didn't say anything about a puncture and tire didn't go empty even after 5-6km drive. Occasionally car just started to go little bit sideways and I felt it on the sim wheel.
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