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Is the car in Time Trial mode different from the Career mode ?

What I mean is,  is the Time Trial car fully developed with all the enhancements that we need to grind to with points in career mode?

I was thinking to use Time Trial mode to tweak some setups, but if the car is different it does not make sense.

thoughts ?


  • ZaphodCortezZaphodCortez Member New Car Smell
    That's something I'd like to know too.
    All I know is that it has a fixed amount of fuel and it's at optimal conditions.
  • EddyEJ65EddyEJ65 Member New Car Smell
    Since you develop your car in career mode and in time trial you can choose whatever team you want, I am pretty sure the cars are different.
    I always save the setup of a car in time trial and load it in career mode and the results are different, while using the same team.
  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Race Engineer
    TT cars are fully upgraded career mode cars compared to the start of the career.  Something I've noticed, but it could just be my lack of consistency, is that in TT the cars are not at par with each other. Meaning, the Mercedes in TT is a much better car than the Sauber in TT.  Just like in career mode, a fully upgraded Merc is quicker than a fully upgraded Sauber.  The same logic applies in TT mode. 

    So so to answer the question, I would not use TT to create a setup as the same TT setup for the same car will net you different results.  Unless of course you already have a fully upgraded car in your career.

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