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Looking for League Racing PS4 Saturday league

PwVsVipeRPwVsVipeR Member New Car Smell
edited November 2016 in F1 Games - Leagues
I was wondering if there were any saturday leagues that I could possibly join, I dont mind if the league has already started. I would say I am an average/decent driver, who lives in Italy my gamertag is PwVsVipeR.
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  • RICKWR88RICKWR88 Member Unleaded
    Hello Viper. Have a look at playstationgl.com/
    The F1 leagues : http://playstationgl.com/index.php?board=3332.0

    We got leagues almost every day of the week for different schedule. You might find what you looking for in PSGL.
  • TejuarrTejuarr Member, Drivers Unleaded
    edited November 2016
    Hi mate we have 2 Championships on Saturdays Formula 4 and Formula 5. 

    The website is www.PlaystationGL.com . 


    The biggest sole provider to F1 2016 on the PS4 in Europe and a far! http://www.PlaystationGL.com is recruiting new members all of the time!  Established in 2008 and Running F1 Championships successfully since 2010, PSGL has a reputation of safe, clean mature honest racing to compliment the ever growing great community on the site. 

    Come and join one one of our 8 Championships, we run a tiered from F1 - F5 and 3 other Championships one in America, an assists Championship and a Performance Championship based on 2016 performances. 

    Come and take take part in our paddock posts, pre race interviews and post race live interviews from our streaming commentators straight from the podium!!

    This and so much more at http://www.PlaystationGL.com.
  • PwVsVipeRPwVsVipeR Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2016
    Well, i am very interested in taking part of your league racing. Your site http://www.PlaystationGL.com seems very good. I registered on the site and asked to join a league, I would really like to participate already from this saturday, so I hope u can help me out
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