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Co Driver

petem70petem70 Member New Car Smell
edited November 2016 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
Hi, my suggestion is refering to the co-Driver. This seems to be very important and one is lost in most situation without the co-Driver.
So i would like to have choices here:
1. I would like to be able to either use a prepared road-book like it already is in the present or record my own one. That would be  more realistic and of course helps to avoid mistakes. Some of the messages nowadays are rather useless while others in my opion are missing. So i would like to be able to adapt the roadbook to my personal needs.  That would be a good method to get familiar with the courses as well. In present your are dropped in the course without initial orientation. This should be possible via text-to-speech or record with microphone or a standalone-Programm which can also create the visial part of the road-book. Mention that not everybody like the used roadbook-style and there are some other which uses different codes.
2. Furthermore this might be a job for a second player as well. Perhaps using kind of co-op-Modus. Even more realistic.
3. The voice of the co-driver sometimes is difficult to understand. So i would like to choose between different voices. What about a female one for example ;)
Thx for reading.

Co Driver 10 votes

Create your own custom road book, perhaps also with visual part
DoubleTenAyrtJ97LokimokiDEZackSDMayusashi 5 votes
Make the co-Driver playable in co-op-style modus.
MrocznyKefirliubolunbn880 3 votes
Have different voices for the co-driver.
PhilVheeMosquito24850 2 votes


  • liubolunliubolun Member New Car Smell
    Make the co-Driver playable in co-op-style modus.
    Definitely, 2 controllers and one car. One for driver and one for calls.
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