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It's only me or it's too arcade and easy?

hamalfehamalfe Member New Car Smell
I'm really disappointed 

The game is too easy: I was always first also with all the aids off and w/ AI at very hard level... and I'm not a hard videogame driver
It's also too much arcade: I don't want a simulator, but at least an under/oversteering feeling and a throttle response

Someone else have the same feeling? 

I'm a little bit disappointed (also because it's full of bugs...)


  • ctecte Member New Car Smell
    Stick with the weekly challenges, against other players times, for now. The races are WAY too easy. I never see any other cars in a race (except when lapping cars). I'm sure the difficulty of races will be improved soon. 
  • BigWhiteyBigWhitey Member New Car Smell
     When you're in practice or qualifying mode, it does seem challenging. But as soon as you enter an actual race, I guess the AI just forget how to race. I agree, 'very hard' races against the AI are far too easy.

    The controls do feel a bit odd; the thing that annoys me the most is how much the throttle is opened depends on how sharp you're cornering, which can really stuff up your racing line. I'd much prefer running the risk of oversteer than having that stability control. Manual shifting would also be nice.
  • hamalfehamalfe Member New Car Smell
    I'm following the other cars to understand why the AI is so stupid: they are missing the braking zone at every corner and then they are going out of the road.
    During the GP of Monaco I lapped mainly all the cars: every car was crashing at turn 8 (Portier).
    Really bad bad AI

  • FOneFanaticFOneFanatic Member, Drivers Team Principal
    The challenge to Codemasters is how to best to convey the F1 experience in this mobile environment of auto-accelerate and gyroscopic steering (EA and Real Racing 3 has it down pact) which may not translate to the way the game plays on consoles.  They need to take a look at how best to combine the drive metrics of the F14-T in Real Racing 3 and some how translate that experience into a unique formula for iOS 10 devices.  Anyone out there playing this game on an iOS 10 iPad or phone?
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  • Alpha7TangoAlpha7Tango Member New Car Smell
    Well i am agree with the idea with it's too arcade.  But i am understanding that the newbies for this game, arcade is necessary.. so what about to put option to choose simulation style and arcade style for between pro/intermediate and newbies/amateurs? 
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