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Maybe looking to start a racing league for XBox One

mdavis6908mdavis6908 Member New Car Smell
Hi all,

I'm thinking of starting a racing league soon for respectful drivers.  I don't care what your ability level is, just as long as you race with respect.  I'm wanting to do 50% races with full qualifying.  The only restrictions are that you use a wheel please, manual transmission, and no more than medium traction control.  As far as brakes, and pit assist, do what you want.  If you want ABS, you'll probably be slower, but feel free.  I want people to have a challenge, but be comfortable racing.  Again, just please be a respectful racer.  Not sure of the day of week, but the time will be after 6pm EST.  I'm open to suggestions!

Hit me up here, or on xbox, at mdavis6908.

Thanks guys!


  • HaydosamigosHaydosamigos Member New Car Smell
    I'm very interested in this league, should be good. Shoot me a message when you get it organised 
  • RobinHDRobinHD Member New Car Smell
    I'm interested, but would only be able to play on august weekends and from then on. Maybe an end of game league before F1 2017?
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