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Code masters can do better than this...

GruningzenGruningzen Member New Car Smell
Good game, excellent graphics and tyre-condition simulation , but awful sound effects, and too much smoke while braking ( .
No option for choosing weather conditions. 
The worst thing is:No matter how fast I take a corner, the car is never overdriven (I know formula1 cars have traction control , but this is just unreal, and it feels too weird). 
The breaking zone is not right (50 mts inside in almost all curves). 

I hoped something like real racing 3 but is veeeeery far from that. 
I really hope many improvements before the beginning of the 2017 season. (Reminder: the formula 1 fans like the simulator-style racing games)


  • FOneFanaticFOneFanatic Member, Drivers Team Principal
    It will take some time for Codemasters to bring the game up to spec.
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