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DIRT Rally VR through Oculus store - Won't load passed Comfort Ratings screen

I just bought the game through the Oculus store. After installing I have attempted to launch the game a half dozen times. I have restarted my computer a number of times. The game will load every time but then seems to stop at the Comfort Ratings screen. It doesn't seem frozen. If I take the Rift off the screen shows a message asking me to put the headset back on - but I can't figure out a way to get through that screen and no amount of time fiddling thumbs seems to work either.

What info is needed about my setup to help diagnose the issue?

For starters I have a modified Dell XPS 8900. i5 6400 I think. 32mb DDR4 ram. GTX 1070. Windows 10. Thrustmaster TX wheel. Fanatec cv3 pedals and Fanatec shifter and hand brake. Oculus rift cv1.

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  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    Have you pressed A on the controller or Enter on the keyboard?  That screen needs to be dismissed with a button press.
  • Thanos2001Thanos2001 Member New Car Smell
    I'm having the same problem. Pushed every button I could think of one both TMX wheel and touch controllers.

  • MTBDougMTBDoug Member New Car Smell
    Click on the Dirt rally mirrored screen on your monitor to ensure it has focus then press space on the keyboard. Dirt Rally doesnt like inputs when the mirrored window has lost focus. Hope this works for you.
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