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Hot Seat Mode

NansocialNansocial Member New Car Smell
edited November 2016 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
I've just bought the game and i'm so disappointed there's no hot seat mode. I only play rally with friends like that, never online . Who would like to have this mode added ?

Hot Seat Mode 14 votes

+1 add the hot seat mode
gtmissionFedemaisonnaveHaris33Chewy234luki215PLJLUOICE95lwoarang83Pilot37nydomizukiphaasediegoros957hundeanleinenNextIntuit 14 votes
-1 who minds about it?


  • diegoros957diegoros957 Member New Car Smell
    +1 add the hot seat mode
    I would like to have a Hot Seat mode for the F1 games. I used to played hot seat mode in Geoff Crammond F1 series with my friends in only one pc and we turned each other to play.
  • hundeanleinenhundeanleinen Member New Car Smell
    +1 add the hot seat mode
    I must say, I just couldn't believe there is no hot seat mode. Would be perfect for a rally game where every driver drives on his own anyway. Just select a track, the number of players, the difficulty and then the field gets filled up with KI drivers. 
  • HanBoloHanBolo Member New Car Smell
    I wonder if any of our suggestions are considered or even read. seems like there has not been any changes or updates in a very long time.
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