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F1 Setups App

F1SetupsF1Setups Member New Car Smell
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Now available for Android, Windows and iOS.

Info : The F1 Setup app, allows racers to create setups and share them with the community; as well as view setups posted by other members. If a setup proves to be quick or useful to you you can award them a trophy

Download here: https://f1setups.com

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  • OdemdemzOdemdemz Member Wheel Nut
    Must say, fantastic work from you all!..
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  • pitoepeedapitoepeeda Member New Car Smell
    Link doesnt work on my chrome...........
  • F1SetupsF1Setups Member New Car Smell
    @Odemdemz Thank you!
    @pitoepeeda Sorry for late reply: new link is https://f1setups.com

  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Champion
    Nice app. Found it for IOS. Great job.                                                       

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