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F1 2016 on Android - FAQs. User Feedback and Revised Specifications

jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager
edited December 2016 in F1 2016 Mobile


 As of Wednesday evening/Thursday, F1 2016 on Android has been available for download. We’ve loved hearing how you’re enjoying playing it! However, one of the biggest issues you’ve been feeding back to us on is that of compatibility with various Android devices.  Having read your feedback, we have revised our minimum specifications for F1 2016 on Android.  You’ll find the revised minimum specifications below:

 OS: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or greater

  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • GPU: Open GL ES 3.1 required
  • CPU: Quad Core at least 1.9Ghz
  • Screen: 1920 x 1080 resolution minimum supported

 If you’re not sure of your Android handset’s specifications, check online – your handset’s manufacturer will have the relevant information. You could also try downloading a free app, such as 'Droid Hardware Info' to check your specifications.

In order to aim for the console quality we know you want, F1 2016 on Android pushes your device quite hard. This means that the minimum specifications have had to be high so that we’re able to deliver this to you. That said, there are things you can do in order to get the best of F1 2016 on Android – for example, make sure that any other apps are closed before running.

 We will continue to investigate issues regarding this. If your handset meets the requirements, and F1 2016 won’t work, please post below, indicating what handset you have, and we’ll investigate.

If you need any further support, you can contact Customer Support here: [email protected]

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  • PrinceMagnusPrinceMagnus Member New Car Smell
    I can't play on S7 Edge. It says I have not accepted enough permissions. However I've accepted all the permissions.
  • heideldrumheideldrum Member, Drivers Pit Crew
    Guys really, developing the game in a way, that a 2 year old top if the line smartphone is not able to run it is very disappointing. I know, a galaxy s5 is not top notch these days, but why is real racing running flawlessly and its not possible to have a lower details setting in the f1 game to be able to run it? Sad. 
    Obviously I'm really disappointed, cause I was looking forward for the game, but besides that don't you think your sales numbers would be much higher, if more devices could run it? 

    MSI GT62VR 7RE - GTX 1070   Logitech G29
  • anakreon69anakreon69 Member New Car Smell
    This is the most excpected game for me and in general it works good enough on my Note 4. It has a few glitches wich is very annoying but i hope that your team can fix them. 
    The feeling of the game is very heavy and in my opinion it should not feel like this. In Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 8 graphics are great but with no glitches at all.
     One suggestion for next version: Try to include buttons in control.

  • KimiTheIceKingKimiTheIceKing Member New Car Smell
    Why the game turns you it on galaxy note 4 and not on the galaxy s5 (everything them 2 taken out in 2014)? He has the required minimal configuration, then I find that a little bit stupid on behalf of codemaster not to concern him the Galaxy S5...
  • jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager
    Hi, @KimiTheIceKing, the minimum specifications are here: http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/12/f1-2016-mobile-faq/ 

    Even if you meet the minimum specs for the game on Android on paper, there is potential that your device may have been prevented from accessing the game because of device-specific performance issues that are known to give a sub-par experience.
  • OnelovinaOnelovina Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2016
    no wet race,no replay  :(
    on my phone lag ,helio x10, 2.0ghz, 2gb ram, powerVR G6200 gpu, and mirror not working...

  • MarizelaMarizela Member New Car Smell
    edited February 2017
    The game doesn't allow to play any track, it crashs as soon as I select the RACE button.
    it says s force close option.

    my phone is a LG V10, 4GB Ram, 64GB storage.
  • MrFreezeruizMrFreezeruiz Member New Car Smell
    Love this game, the only matter is that I dont see any new update to improve graphics
  • yanc1981yanc1981 Member New Car Smell
    I have F1 2016/17 via steam platform for pc i want to know if im able to get an free copy of  F1 2016 /17 for android or if  i need to paid again to get that?  Thanks in advence!
  • OrlandoOceguedaOrlandoOcegueda Member New Car Smell
    I can not share by facebook .. it tells me that the application has not been configured
  • OrlandoOceguedaOrlandoOcegueda Member New Car Smell
    I can not share by facebook .. it tells me that the application has not been configured

    I can not share by facebook .. it tells me that the application has not been configured

  • IaishanborrIaishanborr Member New Car Smell
    My phone meet all of the above requirements but when i was about to race all of the surroundings is black and white can't recognize anything... Please help me and reply as fast as you can. Thanks
  • Pejman1982Pejman1982 Member New Car Smell
    Thanks so much for such a great game, in my Moto z sound has problem, it get very high volume and then no sound, the sound is intterapting. Should I do something in Android??
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