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No Opponents in Online Racing Grid 2 Reloaded

When I go to Online mode for Gris 2 Reloaded there are no opponents. My buddy has Grid 2 on PS4 and when he goes to Online and then playlist it populates with opponents. Not so on the PC version for Grid 2 Reloaded. Any advise on how to race against people online?


  • MGTOWFTWMGTOWFTW Member New Car Smell
    Too bad Grid 2 is a good game but has poor support. Time to buy an XBox!
  • nachtheulernachtheuler Member New Car Smell
    Im pretty sure that Grid 2 is dead on PC, considering that Racing Games are way more popular on console.
  • KingOfTheCakesKingOfTheCakes Member Wheel Nut
    edited January 2017
    I advise that you don't get it for Xbox either.

    I haven't played Grid 2 in years,but last time I played it, online was dying even when it was a couple years old. Same with G:AS.
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