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What are some good tips/ setups for using a wheel on f1 2016?

ToddsvilleToddsville Member New Car Smell
So I've recently made the switch from a pad to a wheel and not going to lie I'm struggling, not suprising seeing as I've played all f1 games previously on pad. I'm using a thrustmaster t80 (I know it's not the best out there but didn't want to spend much on something I might not like). With a few days practice I'm getting times in time trial ranging from 1- 2.5 seconds slower than pad times and have pretty much hit a wall on improving the times. Also, when I try a quick race my tyre wear is off the scale (comparing to what I can achieve on a pad) which I'm also struggling with. Just wandering if anyone can offer any tips or suggested setups which could help me improve. Thanks.
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