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DiRT Rally Road Book – 09/12/16 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT Rally Road Book – 09/12/16 | Codemasters Blog

Hello! And yes, it’s that time again – time for the DiRT Rally Road Book! This will be our last entry for this year, as the HQ head count starts to dwindle in advance of the holidays – but don’t worry, we’ll be back here in January with some actual, proper news. I know some of you have been struggling to deal with the lack of chat around what the studio are up to, but we’ll be lifting the lid on that pretty soon. You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled in the new year. ;)

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  • Rojas80Rojas80 Member New Car Smell
    Hi how are you
    Well I am new to the forum, and most of all I wanted to share my disappointment with Codemasters in relation to Dirt Rally, which is why I observe in "unofficial" forums is quite shared and here is never talked about.
    First of all to say that Dirt Rally is a very good game, of that there is no doubt, but we have to remember that it is a game that was launched almost 2 years ago and still sold on Steam for 50 €, if 50 €. And that shines in his absence lack of rally, 6 countries in total, 3 rally cross and good Hillclimb that we are going to leave ...
    Besides the number of cars is not very high compared to other titles, I do not know .., I have the feeling that after launching Dirt rally on PS4 and Xbox One, you released the latest update with additional content and come to make money .
    A part to comment that Dirt Rally has been a game full of bugs and various problems which you have solved with rather low efficiency and dedication by the technical support department above all. However in this forum always talk about trivia that have nothing to do with the game itself and do not contribute anything to my view.
    I have been buying Codemasters games for many years. Des of the legendary Colin Mc Rae Rally of ps1 and the whole saga, all the Dirt saga and several F1. And I must say that I regret having bought 2 years ago Dirt Rally on Steam .., to be today would not.
    In order to finish you guys there will be no new content in Dirt Rally, do not expect it ... What will happen, is that soon they will launch a new Dirt rally with new content (I hope it is more demanding) and you will have to pay again. That is what will happen. Then we complained about piracy, did not we?
    By the way Christina McGrath, who has been of that great surprise that Codemasters had to announce a few weeks ago ??? No, it's better to show Christmas presents, right?
    Pd: I do not expect any response, for a change ...
  • PhilVheePhilVhee Member New Car Smell
    Hi how are you,
    Yes we want more contents for Dirt Rally not for an hypothetical Dirt Rally 2 ;)
  • EnpassantEnpassant Member New Car Smell
    @ Rojas80 I totally agree with you. The best Rally sim on the market have for example custom championship which is not so custom... There is no possibility to save the replays... Generic camera modes during replay will mostly shows an internal view instead of great envirenement in which devs puts so many effort. Strange bugs in so great simulator... Me to do not expect any response or fix of this bugs.
  • minaiteminaite Member New Car Smell
    Actually i like to hear answer of those thoughts. I think Christina kinda owes us response for that. Dirt is so small that other driving simulations starts to pass..
     Less brakes more speed!!! 
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