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F1 2017 career mode game ideas

Personally I like the F1 2016 game and the career mode was a favourite of mine. But i do think codies can improve with a few of these things. (Just keep in mind that this is my opinion and what i would like in a game.)

1) I would like to more or different upgrades to the car. It got a bit boring just having 5 different areas of the car to upgrade. Mabye we could have more things like brakes, air cooling of the car, tyre wear and reliability.

2) I would like to see a slightly less reliable car to use in career mode and have more problems like brakes overheating, gearboxes jamming and some other cool stuff. 

3) i would like some more full wet races and not just light rain or full wet at the start and dry at the end. I want to see some races like Brazil where it is raining hard the whole race.

4) having a ten year career mode and being able to win the championship in Manor in year No.2 is just stupid.

5) Now for my favourite idea. You could have multiple bars/sliders at the start of the game or weekend to change different aspects about the A.I. such as a bar to make them more agressive to overtake you or less agressive. Or a bar to make the smarter or dumber on strategy if it will rain or something. These things dont have to change the speed the A.I go around the track, just make them more agressive or calm. This could also work on spific drivers too. You could also have one for the safety car have in a small window  like in monaco you could have a 50-90% chance or in Australia a 30-90% chance. But if it is on 100% chance you still might not have a safty car or VSC. Or like i said befor, one for reliability and failures. (If you like this idea try to write and expand on this)

6) interviews like in FIFA 17 and change the mood of the driver and change the interest of other teams in the end of the season to leave or stay. Loke if they wanted you but you say the wrong thing in an interview the moght not. You could also chose the right answer for the question to try to get a spisific team.


  • benclark0411benclark0411 Member New Car Smell
    The ability to be in the paddock at race weekends like in F1 2011
  • BushieeBushiee Member New Car Smell
    How about a mode with only Ferraris or Mercedes so all cars are equal and driver skill prevails?
  • FactuallmpalaFactuallmpala Member New Car Smell
    I think split screen and improvement in Multiplayer is a good upgrade idea for F1 2017
  • Junkboy44Junkboy44 Member New Car Smell
    Il think an évolution,  a rookie Who became a pro ! 
  • Reub09Reub09 Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    Can't wait for the annual stream of these threads ...
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  • TheRealTomTomTheRealTomTom Member New Car Smell
    Interested to see what they might change
  • photogdougphotogdoug Member New Car Smell
    Expanding on #6 a bit like they do in some of the text sim games like FM. If you say something pre-race you might be able to get inside a drivers head a bit. Or like you hinted at post season interviews could also have an impact.
  • maffm95maffm95 Member New Car Smell
    edited February 2017

    I would to have more driver transfers. It is just unrealistic that you are the only driver who switch the team. (Maybe it is able to have some young drivers in the back, which became rookies after a few years and the older guys retire after a few years)

    I would like to have not only more types of updates, but more stages as well.

  • SlippyToad64SlippyToad64 Member New Car Smell
    I'm sure I'm asking for too much, but the ability to play a career in different decades would be really cool too. So you can race against Lauda and Hunt or jump to the 90s and race against Schumacher in his prime. This is ambitious because I'm basically asking for an entirely new game to be added, but Forza and Project Cars have a much wider selection of cars, so why not F1?
  • LionelRoséLionelRosé Member New Car Smell
    Xbox scorpio will have VR technologies ?
  • californiadreemcaliforniadreem Member New Car Smell
    I would like to see gp2 and gp3 added earn a ride with them first kinda of what they do in MLB the show work your way up to the top 
  • DirtknightDirtknight Member New Car Smell
    I was just notice that there's no name on the cars that you drive I'll be nice to know that to put like a nickname that you are able to choose on the car.
  • QuangMinhQuangMinh Member New Car Smell
    Maybe bring back testing before joining a team like F1 2006???
  • Prout15Prout15 Member New Car Smell
     I hope they move the driver into different cars at the end of the new season on the career mode to make it better
  • TheBlade954TheBlade954 Member New Car Smell
    i like when they add VR support to F1-2017 just like how they did that with Dirt.

    When do they release some more specifications about the new release.
  • Johann226Johann226 Member New Car Smell
    Just a thought why don't you add like a few races of F2(GP2) before you can advance to formula 1?

  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Race Steward
    Johann226 said:
    Just a thought why don't you add like a few races of F2(GP2) before you can advance to formula 1?

    Because it would require extra licensing. Classic F1 content is a better idea; already negotiated.
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  • SMEAJ86SMEAJ86 Member New Car Smell
    Johann226 said:
    Just a thought why don't you add like a few races of F2(GP2) before you can advance to formula 1?

    Because it would require extra licensing. Classic F1 content is a better idea; already negotiated.
    how about, to get round licensing, just a generic kind of feeder series race in preview to your first in career? Like maybe around FR3.5 car performance?
  • agnusrockagnusrock Member New Car Smell
    My suggestions of F12017 are:

    1- Enjoy the announcers of virtual corsets,pre-narrate the game, as in games such as fifa and this new generations of football games.

    2- Track prosecutors interacting with broken cars and winches removing damaged cars from the runway.

    3-way story that of freedom to walk on the padock, interviews and interact in the pits before leaving to run.

    4-Mode decisive classic seasons, from the years of 2008,1993,1991,1988 years 70.90 was nick lauda x james hunt, senna x prost, piquet x mansel etc. In this case we would have the option of picking up one of the riders who competed against each other every year to try to reproduce or change the mismatch of that classic season and live its decisive moments of each classic year.

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