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F1 2016 Crashing

D3L8OYD3L8OY Member New Car Smell
I have a PC with Dual 1080 Nvidia GTX cards in SLI, Gigabyte G1 gaming Mainboard. Tried to run the game and it crashes straight away, just wont run, please help. BTW running the latest patch. Tried turning off the SLI to run a single card and still no luck. I think it is big patch time Codemasters. The game is completely unplayable.
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  • D3L8OYD3L8OY Member New Car Smell
    It's funny I have posted my concerns with the technical issues I am having with F1 2016 on my system with SLI and it not working at all, the game being totally unplayable. I also see I am not the only one having this issue. AND CRICKETS, there does not seem to be any response anywhere from Codemasters.
    I have received responses from other players, so thank you wonderful community but It is not your job to respond to these issues. Please Codemasters Dev's can you put out a concise report on what you are doing to fix the SLI problem and at least give some kind of idea as to when we can expect a fix. I just need to know how long I have before I ask Steam for my money back.
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
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    They on holidays, your tech support is to refund the game now, ask about a fix in January and buy game if they patch (so in other words just take your refund).

    @Lozzy actually advised another having a similar problem that this was their best course of action.

    Lozzy said:
    Hi rodrigosantial, sorry to hear you're having problems.

    Firstly make sure your drivers are up to date.

    Then make sure your game files are all okay.
    1) Go to Steam -> Right Click on F1 2016 and select Properties.
    2) Select the Local Files tab -> Verify integrity of game cache.
    3) Once that's finished try again.

    If neither of those help read the instructions here and send me a DXDiag.

    I probably won't be replying until the new year now so it might be better to get a refund for now and then purchase the game again later once we've solved your problem.

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  • LozzyLozzy Member, Codemasters Champion
    Hi @D3L8OY, please take a look at this thread and send me a crash dump via a private message.
  • D3L8OYD3L8OY Member New Car Smell
    Well it looks like I have an issue with my Sound Card or sound devices. If anyone else here is having the same problem I would love to here it. According to Codies. I have too many sound devices that are causing the software not to know which one to address so the game crashes on start up.
    Now to put this in perspective they have been very good i trying to sort this out but are unable. I have Dual 1080 GTX cards and am plugged into one with HDMI and the sound is coming from there via the Nvidia sound sound driver, this works just fine for every game i play on my PC. I also have the second Nvidia sound driver associated to the second card which is disabled, also a Creative ZxRi onboard sound card which is disabled and a Logitech 933 headset which is also disabled. Therefore the only active sound device is one Nvidia sound device.
    The only way I can get the game to actually run is to disable every sound device, which as you are all aware makes playing a game difficult with no sound. I have even tried different configuration of sound devices by attaching speakers to the on board Creative card and no Nvidia devices enabled, still no luck. In fact i have changed so many configurations i think I have set a new record for cable and driver changing.
    Like I mentioned this is the only game that does this and i would really like to know if others have come across this and if the smart people on the forums have found a solution as all i what to do is just get the game working after 4 months of no luck.
  • D3L8OYD3L8OY Member New Car Smell
    Just an update to the F1 Game issues, I know this is a bit old in some respects now, but just in case anyone does read this I wanted to post an update. I had been back an forth with the Dev's and they could not help stating that my system had too many sound devices and the software could not address the default device, even though 6 other sims I have on my system can.
    Anyway I received the Windows Creator update 3 days ago, I changed noting in my system other than letting the system update and the F1 2016 game is now working fine.
    Strange but is seems there might have been an issue in windows and not the game but the devs could not see this, even though I sent them an complete dump of my system. Oh well, all good now and i can at least play the game for a while until F1 2017 arrives in a couple of months.
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