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Free GRID for PC/Steam at HumbleBundle.com

Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion


Free through Dec. 24, and the activation key must be redeemed by Dec. 31.

HumbleBundle also currently has other CodeMasters games on sale at a discount.

*Disclaimer: my statements only represent my own musings, not "speaking for others" or "stating opinions as facts."

 functional games should not charge anywhere near full retail price. • If a game is ready to sell, it should be ready to play. • Launch day should not be the start of a public retail beta. • 'Limited resources' & the impossibility of 'perfection' are not justifications for poor quality. • Pre-ordering & buying games at launch is paying for the worst version of the game at its highest price - it'll function better after it's patched, and there are always discount sales later. Why pay full price up-front to be a post-launch beta tester? • As long as people continue buying it, companies will continue selling it. • If we want good quality, we have to stop buying & funding bad quality. #NeverPreOrder

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