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Next DiRT Game. DiRT Baja?

GeoFalkeGeoFalke Member New Car Smell
Should the next DiRT title either include or focus on SCORE/NORA Baja or Dakar Rally Raid type events?

Next DiRT Game. DiRT Baja? 21 votes

RubyRubyPingkLuke9931T3ZZA13EdwinsimoGeoFalkeblckmagic1NeroNoctisruben1334Gaelrvz 10 votes
DidzisOperator1Ha3aPappiversediSirPhilMcKrakenIvanCRO95JLUOWLBjorkcestkkoAntsaboy 11 votes


  • MicFiftyFourMicFiftyFour Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2016
    We are all happy that the Codies go back to the roots... i like Baja, but please no Dirt Baja... Dirt should be stay at the WRC with an improvement of tracks, cars, physics, FFB!!!! and so on.
  • blckmagic1blckmagic1 Member New Car Smell
    Whether if it's the next game or not, it needs to happen. I started a thread also
  • NeroNoctisNeroNoctis Member New Car Smell
    I see an opportunity to for codemasters here, it's not Dirt Baja. It's Japanese drift battling alla Initial D. The similarities are already there, just need pavement, another car to race against, some Japanese mysticism, and car customization. It's a niche that hasn't been filled in years and is long overdue. Please Codemasters, consider this as a side project at least.
  • WLBjorkWLBjork Member New Car Smell
    After Dirt 2 & 3, and the travesty of Showdown, I'm happy to see things moving back to WRC-based events.
  • T3ZZA13T3ZZA13 Member New Car Smell
    BRING ON BAJA .... Who cares, its all dirt and this DIRT RALLY is getting BORING at times. BRING IT ON !!!
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  • RubyRubyRubyRuby Member Wheel Nut
    I think opening DiRT up to non-WRC competition is a great idea.  And how about some homebuilt rat rod racing as well?  If rat rods were taken seriously, how about considering a capability of players building individual rat rods from components available in game?  Not to displace any WRC focus, but to broaden the game to include less sanctioned, even fictional, competitions.  Seriously, no joke.
  • Alpinestar34Alpinestar34 Member New Car Smell
    I am in favor of macking a Baja only game but most of the Rally fans will be ****, so instead of doing that i think it would be REALLY neat if in a future game they would add realistic racing that took place in the Baja 250, Baja 500, and the Baja 1000 rallyes as a part of your carrer (kind of like Dirt 2). Once people play them we'll talk about making a Baja only game.
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