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Support for Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer in Dirt Rally?

The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel is not recognized by Dirt Rally 

First try was as Dinput Device Wheel and manual button assignment but there was no possibility to change the behavior in menu. So I added in folder input a button assignment XML file based on T500 (changed the USB ID) and added this new tm_tspcracer.xml also to the path.xml. Also added a line in forcefeedback folder to device setup file. 

Most things are now working, but the game is not saving additional changes to the button assignment which are not defined in the tm_tspcracer.xml e.g. wiper. Also the forcefeedback values e.g. friction or alignment won't be saved so I have to set this values after each restart.

Is there an additional file which has to be added or altered? 

Or even better, would it be possible to add this wheel as a supported wheel? 


  • PolarClawPolarClaw Member Unleaded
    Tried it a second time with the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer as direct input wheel with manual configuration, but with shifter connected the configuration is lost at each restart. Seems that the old bug is back, means Dirt Rally does not save the configurstion if the shifter is connected. 

    Tried also Raceroom and rFactor 2 no problems at all. Need some support or advice. 
  • gaskigaski Member Wheel Nut
    Also interested in this as of today - great wheel :D

    Any chance that this could be looked at please? @Hatward
  • Djay54Djay54 Member New Car Smell
    I am in the same case
    I am really very disappointed to codemaster
    I who play has their game since it ps1
  • KalebsKalebs Member New Car Smell
    Hi there,

    I came here for the same, please add TS-PC Racer as a device. It's really anoying how it works now.

    Thank you so much,
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