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F1™ 2016 Mobile FAQ | Codemasters Blog

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imageF1™ 2016 Mobile FAQ | Codemasters Blog

F1 2016 on Mobile Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

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  • RonitNarayanRonitNarayan Member New Car Smell
    How do I sign into gamer center for weekly events? I'm having issues with that. Please help
  • NOTIXDNOTIXD Member New Car Smell
    Perché con gli auricolari si sente tutto disturbato?
  • Wayne197719Wayne197719 Member New Car Smell
    I have Android devices , 4 , 2 tablets , 2phones , why can't I download the mobile 2016 Android game , first it said I would accept it , then no , is the problem memory ? , I also have a computer Microsoft 10 , can you help , what devices do I need to download this game ?
  • KaduzavashisKaduzavashis Member New Car Smell
    Cara ta muito bom o game so falta conectar com o google ..pra eventos e multiplayer tambem seria show
  • ToomanyskillzToomanyskillz Member New Car Smell
    I have 9gb of ram and my game still has the lowest graphic setting. I'm using a galaxy s7
  • JackvanEijkJackvanEijk Member New Car Smell
    Word deze game geüpdatet naar 2017 met nieuwe auto's
  • QuindinguesQuindingues Member New Car Smell
    Boa noite, quero saber se posso controlar com o controle wireless ao invés da tela do celular.
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