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SIM Dashboard - Highly customizable Companion App for Android (works with PC,PS4,XBOX)

StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
I'm a big fan of Codemasters games and drive most of the time in Dirt 4 and F1 2017.
To push my Gaming Rig I worked on an Android Companion App, which is now finally released. Of course it supports the mentioned Games and also DiRT Rally, GRID Autosport, DiRT 3, DiRT 2, F1 2016 and more.

The app was developed with you (the users) in mind. It should be as simple and user-friendly as possible, I've automated the whole setup part. You must not enter an IP Address nor Port, the App includes an auto discovery feature to find your pc. Some games require configuration in config files, but the app does that for you too.
I hope you like the app like I do and I'm looking forward to your feedback.

SIM Dashboard is an easy and highly customizable Companion App which comes with a bunch of widgets and templates. You can use the easy drag and drop editor to create your own designs and share them with others through QR codes.

Most relevant features
  • Create your personal layouts
  • Move and scale your widgets
  • Change colors
  • Additional options in every widget!
  • Use your own graphics
  • Select from cool templates
  • easy Pairing with the PC
  • Use buttons on your wheel to switch pages (Only available on PC and Project Cars PS4/XBOX)
  • Share your designs with other through QR codes

Many different widget types
RPM, Speed, Gear Indicator, Shift light, RPM LED Bars, Lap times (Live, Last, Best, Delta, Split), Clock, G-Force, Position, Remaining laps, ...
depending on game: Watertemp, Oiltemp, Turbopressure, Fuel, Fuel usage, Fuel pressure, Tiretemps, Braketemps, Tire Wear, Tire dirt level ...

Supported Games
  • DiRT 4 (PC)
  • Dirt Rally
  • F1 2017 & F1 2016 (PC/PS4/XBOX)
  • F1 2010 - F1 2015 (PC)
  • GRID Autosport
  • GRID 2
  • Race Driver GRID
  • Assetto Corsa (PC/PS4)
  • Project Cars (PC/PS4/XBOX)
  • Project Cars 2 (PC/PS4/XBOX)
  • Project Cars Pagani Edition
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • American Truck Simulator
  • DiRT3
  • DiRT2
  • iRacing
  • Live for Speed
  • BeamNG.drive
  • Automobilista
  • rFactor 1
  • rFactor 2
  • GTR2
  • Race 07

The free version allows to use a maximum of 3 widgets per game. There are no other limitations nor ads.

APP on Google Play

Youtube Video


Feature for PC Users only: Map buttons on your wheel/keyboard/input device to switch between pages of the app (On the consoles this is not possible, because the input devices cannot be readout)

Multiple shift light patterns, the gif shows the pattern where the Medium LED's (red) are turned on in Left -> Right direction, the High LED's (blue) are turned on at once. The Low LED's would be turned on when DRS is activated. Other shift light patterns (Left -> Right, Inside -> Outside, ...) are not covered in this clip.

Contact me through the forums or via E-Mail: info@stryder-it.de if you have feedback, ideas or problems.

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  • BloomieJP30BloomieJP30 Member New Car Smell
    I just wish that it was available for iOS :(
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    A new version is in the store!

    • The app now supports F1 2016 on PS4 and XBOX!
    • Manual pc adding in the PC setup wizard
    • Bugfixes and improvements for the fuel computer
    I hope you enjoy the update.

  • baxbax Member Unleaded
    One question:
    I'm using F1 2016 on PS4, I wish to use your app with an Android device: do I need a com app one the PC side?
    I suppose not, reading the specs on your website, but asking if I well understood or not.
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    edited January 2017
    No, you just need your PS4 and the Android App. Data is sent from F1 2016 on your PS4 through the network directly to the Android device. You must activate UDP Telemetry in F1 2016, I have written a more detailed explanation here: www.stryder-it.de/simdashboard/help_f12016_udp.php
    If you install the app you will also find the required information in a shortened version within the app.
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    Another update is ready for download in the store which is especially for F1 Racers!
    • New Background: Modern F1 Display
    • New Widgets: F1 LEDs, Bright LED, Vertical RPM
    • New Template: Modern F1
    • Lowered the minimum size for text widgets
    I hope you enjoy it. Following is a screenshot of the new F1 Display in action. You can of course customize everything of the display. Beginning by the LCD background color, the number and colors of leds in the upper area, the shown data on the LCD and the colors of every widget.

    If you created some cool layouts use the share button in the app to share the design with us.

  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Team Principal
    This is one of the finest looking apps I have seen this far. Esspecially the different widgets are looking very nice. But...., has been asked before and I will ask again; will it be available for IOS too?

    If you use ABS or Traction Control, you are no longer a racing driver.


    If I get a few more questions about my driving style I think I headbutt someone.

    Max Verstappen

  • carpacarpa Member Petrol Head
    Looks like a really good and useful app! With which games will it work on PS4, other than F1 2016?
    "I race to win, of course. But even before of winning, I race to race. As fast as possible"
    - Gilles Villeneuve
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    I would not rule out that it happens, but currently I'm not working on a port. I'm focused on adding new features / supported games to the android app.
    Moreover I recommend an Android device as an additional dashboard anyway, because its cheaper most of the time and that is what matters when you plan to permanently integrate it in your rig. But I understand that users out there already have their Apple devices and ask why they cannot use them. So for the moment I have to say, that it wont happen in the near future, sorry.
    By the way: Thank you very much for your compliments about the app's visuals! :)

    Currently it works with Project Cars and F1 2016 on PS4. Unfortunately the problem is, that most PS4 (and XBOX) versions of the games do not support telemetry readout. I'd gladly like to add more PS4/XBOX support, but right now it's just not possible.
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    edited January 2017
    Today, I released a new update. It adds support for additional games: rFactor2, DiRT3, DiRT2, Race 07 and GTR 2.

    But especially, for F1 fans there is also a new widget, called F1 TV. It should look familar for most of you. :D
    It is available for users with the pro upgrade, because the free version supports 3 widgets at most, and this one is a 6 in 1 widget.

    The widget also works with other games of course.

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  • baxbax Member Unleaded
    StryderIT said:
    .... for F1 fans there is also a new widget, called F1 TV. It should look familar for most of you. :D...
    picture? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease o:)
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    Hmm, there should be a picture... B)  Give it some time to load, I saw that it was loaded some seconds delayed... not sure why, because its relatively small, but anyway.

    You can also see it on the website or on the play store page. A small hint: It has a round shape and shows Throttle, Brake, Speed and more in one widget.  :)
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    edited January 2017
    I published another update, which adds (among other things) a 2D Live Trackmap for F1 2016.

    Features of the Map:
    • show the current track map
    • show the player position on the map
    • follow the player (optional)
    • set a desired zoom level
    • show a static Racing Line of the games AI
    • Zoom in & out, Rotate it or drag it around. All with your fingers
    • Change colors of the track, the boundaries and the racing line
    What it cannot: Show the opponents on the map (this is a limitation by the games telemetry, sorry).

    The update also adds a track to the G-Force widget which you can see on the following screenshot.

    If you already have the app, use the following code to get the design:

    I hope you like it! :-)

  • PaloSamoPaloSamo Member Co-Driver
    Well done! Sleek design and user-friendliness :)
  • xPexplosionxPexplosion Member New Car Smell
    yo you should make it for iOS as well. id love to try this...
  • DmitryRykovDmitryRykov Member New Car Smell
    edited February 2017
    I use Sim Dashboard - very nice app, comfortable set up.
    My cockpit:

    Green! Green! Green! Subscribe my channel:
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    I use Sim Dashboard - very nice app, comfortable set up.
    My cockpit:

    how did you put your phone on the wheel?
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • DmitryRykovDmitryRykov Member New Car Smell
    I use Sim Dashboard - very nice app, comfortable set up.
    My cockpit:
    how did you put your phone on the wheel?

    I use a special mat holder (sticky) for car.
    Green! Green! Green! Subscribe my channel:
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    Another update is now in the store:
    • new flag widgets which can show the current race flag as LED Lights or as a rectangular flag
      -> In F1 2016 you can see yellow, green and blue flags
      -> The F1 background also supports this new feature and can show the current flag as LED's on the left and right side
    • two new supported games (BeamNG.drive and Live for Speed)
  • GennarocapassoGennarocapasso Member New Car Smell
    Ciao a tutti ottima apple io la uso su p.cars e assetto corsa x ps4 ma non riesco a farla funzionare con f1 2016 x ps4 il gioco chiede indirizzo ip immetto indirizzo ip sia del ruter ho del tablet ma non funziona! Potete darmi qualche consiglio???grazie.
  • StryderITStryderIT Member Unleaded
    The app is now updated for F1 2017!
    It comes with some new features:
    • Opponents on the track map
    • Temperatures
    • Damage Info
    • Tire Wear
    • Tire Compound Info
    • and more

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