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1st ever PS4 Community Race Livestreamed at January 18th Canada (Sign-up and Interest Thread)

alex1994128alex1994128 Race Steward
Hello guys !

As we had a great community race now i think we shoould set up a community race on PS4 because most of the big youtubers are playing on XBOX and with the poor Sales of the XB1 i think that as for now the PS4 community is much bigger, though a little bit seperated, because unlike xbox the fast PS4 drivers are seperated much more between leagues, communities and countries.

Therefore i'd like to ask if we could work together to set up a PS4 community race so all the youtubers league racrs and avid community memebers get together and get involved and most importantly get the attention they deserve

As far as i know Alex Zafro and Aarava have a PS4, but  as all the other known community memebers are PC or XBOX based i hope we can set sth. up ourselves to give the PS4 community a voice :D

My Idea might be that we do here a sign up and then we could come together promote the race and bring PS4 on the Map of the F1 community

I might go ahead and the sign up templapte might look like this

Community involvement : 
Why i should take part on this:

Interest list 
Prioritasation for the Participation goes like this :  Big Youtuber (5k subs+)>Beta Tester=Big League Member >Twitter Personality = Codies Forum personality
The more of these attributes you have simutainiously the better


  1. alex1994128  (alex1994128) ( Beta , AOR F1 race winner and Highlights co-editor)
  2. SHOWHUNTER0964 ( Waddles13 ) ( AOR Rookie League)
  3. MilosMiki  ( RBOS_00 ) ( AOR Highlights Producer and F1 driver)
  4. Rockhammer  (king_rockhammer) (AOR Highlights Commentator and PS3 champion)
  5. 7thGearRL  (BigC_019) (Beta , PSGL most succesful driver , AOR F1 Driver)
  6. clarky110 (clarky_110) ( small F1 Youtuber, AOR F1 driver)
  7. seajamiet12 (9ajamit) ( SRL, co-owner)
  8. AORPerez  (swamkan) ( AOR Rookie League, took part in ytuber streams)
  9. IJS84 (ijsimo)  ( Interested in F1 community
  10. PhilMcGivern  (philip_mcfc) (AOR GP2 and PSGL NAC Driver)
  11. inspiretheworld (inspiretheworld) ( former ARL/AOR Driver, active Codies forum poster)
  12.  Roimata (Roimata) (racedepartment und racestars.nl driver)
  13. xMayhemMadness  (xMayhemMadness) ( AOR PS4 F1 driver, PSGL Podium scorer)
  14. HRacingGreen (HRacingGreen2400)  ( Beta, AOR GP2 driver, former F1)
  15. USPBauer24 ( USPBauer24)  ( Codies forum user)
  16. DanN99 (danthesnake22) ( Beta, AOR Veteran, current AOR F1 driver, SRL, PSGL, AOR Highlights co-commentator)
  17. BTWF1 (heSkySoldier13) (small YouTuber)
  18. Odemdemz (Odemdemz98) ( F1TsHub Driver, Co-owner of ARL (not the okd ARL) and 100% Podium streak in PSGL
  19. danielsinnema (danielsinnema) ( interested in getting involved)
  20. bax ( baxconsoleplanet)  ( Admin of Italian VS)
  21. Shimassi ( Shimassi) (new started YouTuber)
  22.  Sutil69FU  (Sutil69F1) ( Youtuber with 42k subs, 3x F1 Italian Master league champ)
  23. JKE94PLAYS  ( jake_lfc01) ( AOR F1 Driver, PSGL NAC admin, PSGL F1 commentator, small Youtuber)
  24. hyderhd (itshope_zboom) (Former SRL driver)
  25. Brown9191  ( Brown9191)  ( AOR S11 PS3 driver)
  26. JarloRon010 ( Jarlo-Ron010 ( Racestars.nl  gp3 driver )
  27. YPRacing ( yorkypud1976) (newly involved)
  28. jeboyLarszoe  (larsGaming123) (long time F1 player)
  29. jinCHEZ ( One of the 8 Beta testers in March, AOR Mini Season Champ, Racestars.nl top tier and current AOR F1 Driver)
  30. pslutonrules ( Youtuber with 2k subs,made a vid with 700k views this year)
  31. coolieboy (Rambo_Commando_)  (Beta , very actice codies forum user)
  32. BartBorgelink ( BartBorgelink) (racestars.nl )
  33. Rosario90  ( F1ITALIAN_Prost)  ( F1 Italian Master league driver)
  34. CastilloEma ( Castillo_ema) (F1 Italian Pro league driver, pro and sport league highlights producer)
  35. Reiyel83 ( Reyel83) ( F1 Italian community member)
  36. Raimith92 ( Raimith92) (long time racedepartment F1 driver)
Race Details:
Track: Canada
Distance: 50%
Full Damage
All Assists allowed
Short Quali

Race stream will be provided by @AliK173

Race Start will be 8pm UK time

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AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer


  • MilosMikiMilosMiki New Car Smell
    Pretty sure Tiametmarduk has it on PS4 as well!

    Would definitely be interested in this myself so I can actually show my skill (or lack of).
    AOR PS4 F1 Driver - Haas F1 Team | AOR DiRT League Coordinator | PSN: RBOS_00
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Race Steward
    edited January 2
    Maybe it would be good to collect the ppl interested and then see how we move on from here, because all the attention to xbox is not really fair, as PS4 has defo a much bigger player base that finally wants to get actively involved

    I start  things off

    PSN: alex1994128
    Community involvement :  
    I was one of the 300 Beta testers and i race in the top division of AOR PS4
    Why i should take part on this:
    simply because i want to set it up and also because it's time for PS4 to hit ground
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • IJS84IJS84 New Car Smell
    More a watcher than a creator, but its something I'd love to get involved in anyway I can. Feel I want to get more involved in the PS4 community
  • SHOWHUNTER0964SHOWHUNTER0964 New Car Smell
    Community:AOR PS4 Racer (AOR Vettel),F1 2016 Beta Tester
    Why I should take Part:Small F1 Youtuber and Loves Racing also need some practice on my new wheel after using a pad the Last 4 games lol
  • MilosMikiMilosMiki New Car Smell
    edited January 2
    I'd more say our platform is being left behind, since all the stuff with big F1 youtubers revolves around Xbox still and on occasion PC but apart from Aarav streaming open lobbies 2-3 months ago (I was in these myself), nothing has been happening on PS4 so far.

    PSN: RBOS_00
    Involvement: well I've been racing in the top split of AOR on the PS4 side since midway through S11. I also take care of the official highlights videos for AOR PS4.
    Why I should take part: to have some fun mostly, and because I want to get PS4 off the ground.
    AOR PS4 F1 Driver - Haas F1 Team | AOR DiRT League Coordinator | PSN: RBOS_00
  • RockhammerRockhammer New Car Smell
    PSN: king_rockhammer
    Community involvement : Former AOR driver and Champion, now AOR PS4 commentator.
    Why i should take part on this: YOLO360noscope. Plus I just love racing so anywhere I can race, I'll take :)
    SRL, PSGL and ex-AOR league racer | AOR Season 11 PS3 Champion
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Race Steward
    Community:AOR PS4 Racer (AOR Vettel),F1 2016 Beta Tester
    Why I should take Part:Small F1 Youtuber and Loves Racing also need some practice on my new wheel after using a pad the Last 4 games lol
    you sure that you beta tested cause all beta testers have a "drivers" badge :D
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Race Steward
    edited January 2
    AliK173 said:
    This is literally just going to be an AOR social
    at least something :smile:

    but tbh i'd like to really have at least one driver from leagues like PSGL,SRL (many also AOR drivers) F1 Italian, Racestars.nl, RaceDepartment and the maybe youtubers like aarav,nino or you ali ^^ 
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • 7thGearRL7thGearRL Unleaded
    PSN: BigC_019

    Community involvement: F1 2016 Beta Tester, AOR PS4 Tier 1 Driver, PlayStation GL's most successful driver with six titles in their top F1 league.

    Why i should take part on this: F1 league racing has been part of my life for like six years so would be cool to do something like this.

    Also, as the racing line would be allowed (it better be), it would let me battle the likes of Alex for a change
  • clarky110clarky110 New Car Smell
    edited January 2
    Psn : clarky_110

    Community involvement :  
    Currently racing in tier 1 AOR ps4 league and have a YouTube channel F1clarky deticated to f1 gameplay which is now up to 232 subscribers.
    Why i should take part on this: 
    I love being involved with f1 on ps4 and want it to get as much attention as possible, we have great, clean drivers here with great entertaining races.
  • MilosMikiMilosMiki New Car Smell
    AliK173 said:
    This is literally just going to be an AOR social
    you've already won life, give us console peasants a chance too man
    AOR PS4 F1 Driver - Haas F1 Team | AOR DiRT League Coordinator | PSN: RBOS_00
  • seajamiet12seajamiet12 New Car Smell
    edited January 3
    PSN: seajamit
    Community involvement : SRL (srlgaming.com) League Co-Owner along with others who help me out :)
    Why i should take part on this: I've been a part of the F1 community since the beginning of 2014, joining my first and to this date my only real league (SRL). I also do YouTube occasionally, can live stream and now help run the SRL League and web develop the league website. I've been in league racing for the 4 seasons that SRL has existed over the course of 3 years.


    Just to add here, if I'm not able to race in this for whatever reason, I'm up for live streaming / commentating as well

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  • GRDemoNGRDemoN New Car Smell
    PSN: GR-DemoN 
    Community involvement: SRL Co-Owner and Driver, AOR F1 Driver (Also DiRT league Co-ordinator and Driver if that counts for this)
    Why should I take part in this: I'm very passionate about the F1 game, and have been playing the codemasters games right from the start, and impressively even the non codemasters games in 05/06. Being 18 that's not too bad going! I've been very active in the community since 2014, and of you visit the AOR forum at any point you'll more than likely see me amongst the most active posters that day. I'd even lay off the patch abuse on twitter because I'm guessing that there's probably a very good reason why you aren't making one codies xD
    In SRL I've ran 3 seasons, 2 mostly individually on F1 2010. Now I've managed to integrate the communities I'm involved in together somewhat and have become a key arguing member of the PS4 part of the community when we need to put Xbox back in their place :dizzy:
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Race Steward
    glad to see so many of my AOR compatriots supporting my idea, i really hope that drivers from other leagues/communities get involved Aswell,as imo the Ps4 side is way to seperated imo  
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • BloomieJP30BloomieJP30 New Car Smell
    This is a cool idea, just needs one for Xbox as well at some point, otherwise we've been left out. :)
  • AORPerezAORPerez New Car Smell
    PSN: swamkan
    Community involvement :  I'm one of the biggest watchers in the community and pretty much participate in every PS4 stream possible (aarava, alezZafro) and since 2013. Also race AOR Rookie League and I think I helped to come up with the idea on the stream last night!

    Why i should take part on this: 
    simply because i have been in a lot ot the things PS4 side have done :)
  • IJS84IJS84 New Car Smell
    Well might as well update my info on here, but I think I'm against a lot more deserving people if the field gets full
    Psn: ijsimo
    Community involvement: Used to simrace on rFactor with SimHQ about 5 years ago. Got back involved watching F1 community videos with F1 2015
    Why I should be in: Newcomer keen to get involved where I can. Miss the community aspect of SimHQ. So far made 2 F1 2016 videos, with a grand total of 7 views #bigtime
  • PhilMcGivernPhilMcGivern New Car Smell
    PSN: philip_mcfc
    Community involvement : race in AOR GP2 and PSGL NAC
    Why i should take part on this: Just looking for some banter and good racing
  • jinCHEZjinCHEZ Wheel Nut
    Hey, it's a nice idea and I might be interested for this, I'll sign up once I'm convinced :p Anyway, just a info question, how do you see going from this to an actual race exactly or did I miss something?

    Also, shouldn't there be some kind of racing or lag restrictments?
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