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Logitech Driving Force Wheel Help!

lowoncash00lowoncash00 Member New Car Smell
Hey guys I looked through the Steering wheel stickies and didn't find an answer - I finally got my old Logitech Driving Force wheel to work on my PS3 but I don't have any button control, and it keeps losing the connection when I shut down and I have to re-program the steering controls.  Could someone either help or point me in a direction to cure my problem.

Thanks - Mike


  • lowoncash00lowoncash00 Member New Car Smell
    Can anyone share with me the work around for my wheel to get the buttons to work and not have to program the wheel each time I turn it on.  Thanks
  • LoggyLoggy Member Unleaded
    On my pc the wheel must be on before the game loads or the game doesn't recognise my wheel and I have to reset the bindings during the race while all the others are speeding off lol.
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