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[CARS&TRACKS] Hill Climbs Should Include All Cars

obilingobiling Member New Car Smell
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Hello Codemasters, I hope you read this. 

I love the game and it seems as though there will be no future DLC but could you possibly consider allowing the player to use cars from the regular rally in hill climbs? 

My favorite part of the game is Pikes Peak but theres only like 5 or so cars you can drive on it and I wish you would allow us to use any vehicle because it would allow for so much more fun!

Please Codemasters, please add this as an option outside of career mode, PLEASE! I'm begging you! I'll be grateful if you add ONE car, never mind the whole bunch. The vehicles are already in the game, all you would need to do is allow us to us them on Pikes Peak. 

Thank you

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