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Leagues doesn't show up on PS4

fillefilanderfillefilander Member New Car Smell
edited January 2017 in DiRT Leagues
Hi guy's, I have a bit of a problem. 
When I use my laptop och mobile phone to go to dirtgame.com and select leagues, they don't show up on the console. But when I use the link in the game and use the PS4 browser it will. 
 Same with Daily Challenge, if I watch from my phone it says that I haven't set a time yet ("you are not set a time" is that even correct English?) even though I have. 
The accounts and log in are the same, I have made changes to my account on the phone, and been logged in on the PS4 browser at the same time and the changes show up right away. 
Has anyone else had a similar experience? 


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