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Precision Racing League (PRL)

TheracinatorTheracinator Member New Car Smell
If you want clean, competitive, online racing, you've found the right place! 
You have to complete a lap time which is within a 1 second bracket of a certain time in order to ensure a close racing field, and if you go outside of that bracket you will be moved to division 2 so no one is missed out.
This league is ONLY Playstation at the moment.
This league is Saturday 7:30 PM 
Calendar will be posted in group chat, send me a friend request ( Falcan_TheDevil) on PSN and tell me that you are interested in joining and I will add you to the chat! 


  • TheracinatorTheracinator Member New Car Smell
    Quick correction we are thinking of moving the time to wednesday 7PM or Sunday 6 30PM
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