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PS4 Community Race 18th January 8pm uk Grid Announcement and Livestream

alex1994128alex1994128 Member, Drivers Petrol Head
I was very glad to see that there was big interest in this event and that we will have people fromseveral different leagues, nation communites and background racing on one track that iin normal circumstances would never race against each other.

Pls everyone particinpating make sure to add me on psn (alex1994128)  so you get an invite for this race.  For those who haven't made the grid i would be ready to set up a 2nd race next week of there is a high enough demand for this.

The livestream will be provided by @AliK173 and he will be joined by @xMayhemMadness in the commentary box. Both are AOR Top Tier drivers so they are definetly knowing what they are talking about

Stream Link:

The competetiveness of this race will be insane as we have champions and race winners from RaceDepartment, AOR, PSGL, SRL, F1Italian and Racestars.nl who are joined by youtubers and other community members

Race Details:
Track: Canada
Distance: 50%
Full Damage
All Assists allowed
Short Quali

so here is the grid :)

  1. alex1994128  (alex1994128) ( Beta , AOR F1 race winner and Highlights co-editor, RaceDepartment Driver)
  2. MilosMiki  ( RBOS_00 ) ( AOR Highlights Producer and F1 driver)
  3. Rockhammer  (king_rockhammer) (AOR Highlights Commentator and PS3 champion)
  4. 7thGearRL  (BigC_019) (Beta , PSGL most succesful driver , AOR F1 Driver)
  5. seajamiet12 (seajamit) ( SRL, co-owner)
  6. PhilMcGivern  (philip_mcfc) (AOR GP2 and PSGL NAC Driver)
  7.  Roimata (Roimata) (racedepartment und racestars.nl driver)
  8. HRacingGreen (HRacingGreen2400)  ( Beta, AOR GP2 driver, former F1)
  9. DanN99 (danthesnake22) ( Beta, AOR Veteran, current AOR F1 driver, SRL, PSGL, AOR Highlights co-commentator)
  10. Odemdemz (Odemdemz98) ( F1TsHub Driver and 100% Podium streak in PSGL
  11. Sutil69FU  (Sutil69F1) ( Youtuber with 42k subs, 3x F1 Italian Master league champ)
  12. Rosario90  ( F1ITALIAN_Prost)  ( F1 Italian Master league driver)
  13. Raimith92 ( Raimith92) (long time racedepartment F1 driver)
  14. coolieboy (Rambo_Commando_)  (Beta , very actice codies forum user)
  15. pslutonrules ( Youtuber with 2k subs,made a vid with 700k views this year)
  16. jinCHEZ ( One of the 8 Beta testers in March, AOR Mini Season Champ, Racestars.nl top tier and current AOR F1 Driver)
  17. JKE94PLAYS  ( jake_lfc01) ( AOR F1 Driver, PSGL NAC admin, PSGL F1 commentator, small Youtuber)
  18. inspiretheworld (inspiretheworld) ( former ARL/AOR Driver, active Codies forum poster)
  19. Brown9191  ( Brown9191)  ( AOR S11 PS3 driver)
  20. BartBorgelink ( BartBorgelink) (racestars.nl )

In case someone of the named drivers has to drop i'd like to nominate three drivers that can be reserve in this race:

Reiyel83 ( Reyel83) ( F1 Italian community member)

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AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer


  • YPRacingYPRacing Member New Car Smell
    Race 2 for me then! Will it be broadcast too?
  • HRacingGreenHRacingGreen Member, Drivers Unleaded
    Where will car selection take place? Or is it first come first served in the lobby?

  • alex1994128alex1994128 Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    Where will car selection take place? Or is it first come first served in the lobby?
    first come first served :smiley:
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • seajamiet12seajamiet12 Member New Car Smell
    Really looking forward to this, gonna be a good event. Btw, my PSN is seajamit, not 9ajamit :) Hopefully we can put on a good show.
  • USPBauer24USPBauer24 Member Unleaded
    I would definitely be up for the second race please!
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    Reserves coming already in use:

    Clarky has to give up his spot so would be good to know if one of the reserves can step in 

    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • CastilloEmaCastilloEma Member New Car Smell
    I'm so sorry but I can not run because I started a new job and i will work on wensday night... I am very sad because I wanted to run with you all experts simdriver!
  • Brown9191Brown9191 Member New Car Smell
    Im second in the list of reserves...
    but im in if i can take his spot 
  • RoimataRoimata Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2017
    alex1994128 ,

    first off all great job of making this one count, really happy i can take part in this first one. i will be there, at 20:00 UK time
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  • alex1994128alex1994128 Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    then @Brown9191 will take one spot and the other one will be depending of  which reserve will respond first
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    Wow. I actually made the list. Better go out and buy the game. Lol
  • inspiretheworldinspiretheworld Member Petrol Head
    Quick question. Does anyone drive in cockpit view, and no assists ? 
    PS4 - inspiretheworld
    Steam - beans_on_toast
  • BartBorgelinkBartBorgelink Member New Car Smell
    If I understand it correctly there is still a spot for another reserve? If so i will take place
  • BTWF1BTWF1 Member New Car Smell
    HI! i could maybe take the seat if possible
  • alex1994128alex1994128 Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    edited January 2017
    okay guys, on the behalf of the commentators i ask you to put a short biography here of you, so the commentators can work with that  information and ensure a good coverage during the stream :smile:

    You do not have to put any personal information, but pls everything important related to the F1 games and the communities you are active in

    I go ahead :

    My name is Alex and i am playing F1 games since the early PS1 days when i was a very little boy. I played most of the F1 games released on playstation consoles and i was therefore always very fast.  Untill 2014 i played on the pad with auto gears and medium TC and was very often racing in sprint mode lobbies, where i had a 50% win percantege in all games, but the release of the T300 and the prospect of next gen F1 games made me switch to the wheel.  With the wheel i wanted to start serious online racing and signed up for a german league, which was unfortunatly very poorly run. Then i decided to go to AOR and comitted myself to serious online league racing.  I was very fas tfrom the beginning and came 3rd in my 1st AOR season (S11) . Currently i am 2nd in Championchip in the top tier of AOR and hope to win the title there. I am racing aswell in the RaceDepartment league where i am also pretty sucessful and i was fortunate enough to be one of the 300 beta testers of F1 2016. Recently i am also editing the AOR PS4 highlights which i can only recommend everyone to check out for fast and fair display of racing

    Also the link to the livestream is avaiable now in the first post so spread the word :) 

    @BartBorgelink you were added to the grid, make sure to add me on psn
    AOR and RaceDepartment PS4 racer
  • inspiretheworldinspiretheworld Member Petrol Head
    edited January 2017
    Hello, my name is Carl and I've been playing on F1 games since the Atari. #lol.
    I first started my league racing career on F1 2011 where I completed 2 or 3 full seasons of league racing in the original AOR. I ran at the top level for half of it, but It wasn't until my second season on F1 2011 that I decided to start playing with no assists. I raced with quite a few legends in my time there, but due to moving on in life and concentrating on work I decided to give up league racing.
     I also decided in last year's game to start running in cockpit view and having no heads up display. Really makes the game seem a lot more playable. I am currently using the T150 with a made up rig.
    I've also started up a little YouTube channel where I hope to get a decent amount of viewers in time. 

    See you on track.  
    PS4 - inspiretheworld
    Steam - beans_on_toast
  • HRacingGreenHRacingGreen Member, Drivers Unleaded
    edited January 2017
    My name is Harry Green, I'm 16 from Bristol in the UK. I'm currently an AOR PS4 GP2 driver and have taken 3 wins this season so far. I play on a Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedals having made the switch back from the pad recently. I have always had motorsport around me due to my family's history in motorcycle racing, and I had my first taste of racing games when I was given a PS2 with GT4 and a Logitech Driving Force Pro for my 6th birthday. I used this wheel up until my 16th birthday when I was given my Thrustmaster. I am an extremely active member of the AOR forums and I have good relationships with many drivers from the site both on track and on Twitter etc. 

    I began F1 league racing on AOR in 2015 when the first PS4 Mini Season was set up. I had a great time in that and it got me hooked. I was then selected for the F1 league on PS4 when S11 began properly. I had a brief stint in PCars GT3 and this helped me learn the wheel again massively. From F1 2014 onwards I had used the pad so it was a good learning time. I rejoined the F1 leagues for Season 12 on F1 2016. I was also selected as a part of the 300 strong beta testing collective due to my participation in the AOR leagues, which was a huge honour. 

    Other than AOR I've had very little league racing experience except for a few Gran Turismo 6 competitive events which were excellent. I am a clean and fast racer with a lot of respect and a huge passion for F1, gaming and Motorsport in general. I hope this community race is a big success :)
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  • MilosMikiMilosMiki Member New Car Smell
    Hello everyone! My name is Milos, but people usually call me RBOS (ar-bee-ou-es).
    I've been playing since F1 2012 on the PC (I didn't enjoy it so I got F1 2011 instead), but since my PC was terrible I made the switch to PS4 in early 2016 to play F1 2015 (which I found was a great game!)
    I was playing on keyboard until around mid-2014 when I got an old Thrustmaster wheel that was basically a pad emulator. In this time I tried to perfect my driving using all assists except autosteer/autobrake, and I never thought I could get even close to the AOR times people like Limitless, Noble and MattyG were setting in FisiFan's highlights. And here I am, I'm in the top AOR tier on PS4 and I'm helping out for the highlights too.
    My first bit of competitive sim racing came from F1 2014 in a no-assist racedepartment league I ran myself, and that was my first taste of no assists. It was the same pad emulator wheel however, and since F1 2014 had some TC assistance for the pad, my proper taste of no assists came around early-2015, when I got my Driving Force GT which I still use right now (through an adapter, but it works!)
    And then came F1 2015. Obviously I got it in April 2016 when I got my PS4, but I was very quick and I pretty much immidiately jumped into league racing again, this time midway through AOR S11, winning my first GP2 race (well, third, the first one was delayed and I couldn't make the new date, and the second one I DSC-ed), and getting promoted into the top split after Arwboy got kicked.
    I've joined SRL and PSGL recently, I won my second race in SRL and after two races in PSGL's top tier I got a podium.
    And that's pretty much it. 
    AOR PS4 F1 Driver - Renault | AOR DiRT League Coordinator | PSN: RBOS_00
  • Brown9191Brown9191 Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2017
    Hi guys mi name is bance, im from Milan, italy, Sorry for My english :D  
    My first game of F1 it was F1 2005 enjoyed too much with that game..
    since I had f1 2013 I started playing online 
     I started driving in aor in the final of the season 10 debuting with a 4th place as a reserve driver
     then I've done the season 11 with a couple of podium (season won by @kingrockhammer), in the season 11 I also learned to drive without assist..
     then I also drove in srl season 1 and now I have just joined PSGL
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