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Would you buy Dirt 2 remastered?

WayneTrain17WayneTrain17 Member New Car Smell
edited January 2017 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
A lot of racers I've talked to say Dirt 2 on PS3 was the best racing game they've ever played. Would you guys consider remastering Dirt 2 for PS4?

Would you buy Dirt 2 remastered? 26 votes

Rub472MouingWRCLariosoDogwfwr26WayneTrain17chanchitosportmatogolfSKShimacoWDjrhinomatheusracer 10 votes
TURBODEVIN19VirtuaIceManKingOfCoinsjamieengOperator1SamRWDenamelRoss93versediHaris33SirPhilMcKrakenLOSTVENGENCE96nystedt88Mosquito24850myNameIsYesAndNMatt555 16 votes


  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Member Champion
    Got it on PC still, still playable :)       
  • wfwr26wfwr26 Member Unleaded
    edited January 2017
    HELL YES and i know of about 12 guys that would buy it as well! We loved it for the fun factor online and the pick up/playability (on ps4 btw)
  • myNameIsYesAndNmyNameIsYesAndN Member New Car Smell
    It was a great game but its old. Its time to focus on d future now. Dirt rally and dirt rally 2. Personally I wudnt buy it after playin dirt rally. Remastering it would be time wasted that. Could have been used to improve dirt rally. That is why I voted no
  • WayneTrain17WayneTrain17 Member New Car Smell
    Have you heard of the release of Dirt 4 this summer? I personally am excited for it, what about you?
  • LVJ02LVJ02 Member New Car Smell
    Are the servers still up for dirt 2 even if not dirt 2 is hands down my favorite with all its content game modes and the "access all areas" dlc pack if my PS3 wasn't in yellow light of death I'd still enjoy playing it.  Although dirt rally is really good along with dirt 3 all dirt 3 needed was the access all areas pack like dirt 2 and it would've been just as great as dirt 2.  I'd pay double for a dirt 2 remake.
  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Member Champion
    FYI its never going to happen, licencing reasons.
  • LariosoDogLariosoDog Member New Car Smell
    I play it still on 360, but when it breakes it's gone.
    I have for PC as well, but never installed and not sure if it will work.

    The overall gaming experience is unsurpassed in Dirt 2, in my view.
    You don't have to do well from start, you can explore cars and races as you level up.

    Both Dirt 3 and Forza 6 have this - finish third or better to continue with next race - why?
    So you have to get totally bored with that race, maybe, until you make it.
    Why can't I choose to do **** the first attempts and move on?
    Then you come back with new experience and race it then.
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