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XOR - XBOX ONLINE RACING - 3 spots left.

RedSunRacingRedSunRacing Member New Car Smell
edited January 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues
XOR was formed to offer clean, competitive and equitable racing.
The races are 50% with Short Qualifying. The cars performance is on EQUAL. The assist restrictions are: Pit assists and Braking Assists and ABS is banned! 

The lobby opens at 7.00pm UK. Race will be on every Sunday. 3 spots left. 

The damage is on strict so keep the drivers to be discipline and clean. This also allows us to have the Safety Car ON. Formation is ON to make the races seem more realistic to the drivers!

Rules apply and are found on the League page: 

For more information contact on XBOX, GamerTag - SRL Hyte 

Starting from Feb 12th 2017 

League page - http://xboxonlineracing.wixsite.com/xor1
twitter page name -  https://twitter.com/racing_xbox
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