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Overlord II Battlerock Nemesis DLC

Can we please get the only piece of Overlord II dlc released brought to the PC?

Yes it's a bit late now, but honestly why the bloody hell did it not get released on PC in the first place?


  • AsalisAsalis Member New Car Smell
    I would love to see this download available for PC as well. I bought and downloaded the game through Steam after playing it on the PS3. Would really like to complete this game on PC too. :(

    The phoenix battle was Awesome!
  • Vand3rzVand3rz Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2017
    Yes, it would be nice to have a complete game! There's definitely some nice loot for the Overlord and his minion too.
  • Vand3rzVand3rz Member New Car Smell
    Come on Codemasters give us something Overlord related. 
  • OverVampOverVamp Member New Car Smell
    Yes!!! We NEED it!!! We PC Gamers has always supported you,  LOVED you. PLEASE. I'll pay to download it!!! 
  • s1ntexUAs1ntexUA Member New Car Smell
    Вы переносите этот классный DLC на ПК, пожалуйста !!!
  • LordofminionsLordofminions Member New Car Smell
    Guys guys guys overlord 1 and 2 even without dlcs were awesome the third one was **** please make a fourth one that is like 1 and 2 
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