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2017 Beta Sign-Up | Codemasters Blog



  • JOHNTHEBEST007JOHNTHEBEST007 Member New Car Smell
    Really excited for this! Looking forward to it!
  • Racer4711Racer4711 Member, Drivers Unleaded
    Great news!!! Works great last year, looking forward... :-)
  • TrueRacerMicTrueRacerMic Member Wheel Nut
    Great opportunity to improve the game. Worked last year so looking forward to this year!
  • Filthy72Filthy72 Member New Car Smell
    Never been a big fan of f1 games since f1gp by microprose on the amiga , heard good things about the last game so have an open mind
  • TheMSc89TheMSc89 Member New Car Smell
    Hello, I propose willingly game with F1 since 2010 and I'd like to help in my small way to improve.
  • LazMuteahhitLazMuteahhit Member New Car Smell
    We are waiting for Turkish Language support
  • AorFredster332AorFredster332 Member New Car Smell
    It's awesome how they decided to increase the amount to 300 per console :)
  • Ferluca71F1Ferluca71F1 Member New Car Smell
    Me gustaría una mejora de sonido y la manera de derrapar del coche!
  • madottermadotter Member New Car Smell
    Also all signed up, hope I can be a part of this and bring as much as I can to the new game!!
  • ivanJG2002ivanJG2002 Member New Car Smell

    I hope it can be a beta tester of this great game
  • ivanJG2002ivanJG2002 Member New Car Smell

    I would like the game to be split screen option
  • geebeegoonergeebeegooner Member New Car Smell
    Applied & Fingers crossed would love to help.
    Massive f1 and codemasters fan.
  • AndwarAndwar Member New Car Smell
    What an opportunity this could be best of luck to all!
  • SethFrancisSethFrancis Member New Car Smell
    Just signed up myself, I have a whole bunch of different hardware I could test with this title.
  • phfceramicphfceramic Member New Car Smell

    All I need now is luck, a lot of luck, a cube filled with luck...

  • Sutil69FUSutil69FU Member New Car Smell
    This would be very Interesting for me, so if i can try... :P 
  • elektrogameelektrogame Member New Car Smell
    Also signed up and as a well educated newbie hello to all first. :)
  • BigLurch12BigLurch12 Member New Car Smell
    Good luck everyone, but codemasters pick me, me , me , me , lol
  • T1M1996T1M1996 Member New Car Smell
    Can't wait! Hopefully get picked for the beta good luck everyone 
  • SinghSaabJiSinghSaabJi Member New Car Smell
    When are the beta codes going to be sent out?
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