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2017 Beta Sign-Up | Codemasters Blog



  • valentindu64valentindu64 Member New Car Smell
    Hope to be selected ! Really want to play it, can't wait !!
  • pablocar96pablocar96 Member New Car Smell
    I want it! I played every F1 Codemasters games since 2011 to 2016
  • FlyyByNighttFlyyByNightt Member New Car Smell
    Been playing F1 games since F1 2001! Helping out in the beta would be basically a dream come true!
  • PettySauce20PettySauce20 Member New Car Smell
    Been playin for years now would love to test it out
  • ImDyingYouIdiotImDyingYouIdiot Member, Drivers Champion
    Been playing since before the dawn of time. Hope I get picked.
    "I love ImDyingYouIdiot-senpai!" ♥‿♥ - Codemasters employee, who wanted to remain anonymous, but totally did say that

    "ImDyingYouIdiot inspires us every day. Really, the only reason I get up every morning is to deliver him the perfect F1 experience." - Codemasters employee, who wanted to remain anonymous, but totally did say that

    "It is not unreasonable to assume that ImDyingYouIdiot, who is no doubt an extremely intelligent and attractive specimen of a lad, experiences the pleasures of intercourse on a fairly regular basis." - Codemasters employee, who wanted to remain anonymous, but totally did say that
  • DanieRic3DanieRic3 Member New Car Smell
    Hey Codemasters, would be awesome to take part! Bring it! :smile:
  • jimboflanbo75jimboflanbo75 Member New Car Smell
    I'm fairly partial to a bit of F1 so hit me up chaps.
  • KupkoSVKKupkoSVK Member New Car Smell
    I play f1 since 2013. And all games of Codemasters are best.
  • massa88massa88 Member Unleaded
    I play CODEMASTERS games from 2010 and although they have some bugs I enjoy playing
    before i did not have enough strong computer for playing games at this level
  • originalBrownyoriginalBrowny Member New Car Smell
    i love formula 1 an play it every day f1 4 ever
  • Aneta93Aneta93 Member New Car Smell
    I watch F1 for 12 years and I love this sport :)
  • basherblakebasherblake Member New Car Smell
    First ever true racing game I played was Microprose's GP2, complete with the post Imola 1994 driver lineup. Racing this would bring back those memories!!
  • NightlimNightlim Member New Car Smell
    Be a pleasure to help beta test formula 1, game play just gets better and better
  • MM531MM531 Member New Car Smell
    I really hope to get into this testing. I got interested in motorsport thanks to Codemasters games, so I would love to help you improve the new game!
  • SuperPtjeSuperPtje Member New Car Smell
    Awesome!!!! This is something i'm really looking forward to. Really hope they pick me as a beta tester. Let's go! Vroom Vroom!!
  • Nat3n8Nat3n8 Member New Car Smell
    I hope I get accepted! I've played F1 2016 to death and I'm really excited to see what CodeMasters are planning for F1 2017.
  • carlosgamer2003carlosgamer2003 Member New Car Smell
    yo propongo un nuevo modo trayectoria con entrevistas , paddock, poder tomar decisiones ,poner comentarista que hable en las carreras , poder hablar con tu compañero para tomar decisiones. Actualizaciones de los monoplazas en pretemporada, inicio de temporada, mitad de temporada, y final de temporada. Una ia mas agresiva perzonalizacion mas extensa de tu personaje , que los equipos fichen a pilotos de otros equipos, categorías, etc. Igual que se vayan los jefes de equipos a otros equipos dar dinero para mejorar las fabricas túnel del viento etc. Y añadir mas cinematicas en el podio. Que nuestro personaje hable. Y yasta
  • tranceguytranceguy Member New Car Smell
    Nice! Done! Hope to beta test this game, and finally I get a chance.
  • jazwa87jazwa87 Member New Car Smell
    played and owned every game since 2010, would love to take part of testing
  • ZoticBeastYTZoticBeastYT Member New Car Smell
    If I was chosen to do this beta test, it would be the first time I have exclusivity to any game before it has come out! I missed out on the 2016 Beta test which was a shame.
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