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2017 Beta Sign-Up | Codemasters Blog



  • SAlat107SAlat107 Member New Car Smell
    I Hope that i can help you to Test the New f1 2017. i have played every f1 Game Since My childhood
  • PiklzBroPiklzBro Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2017
    Hope i can help you with testing . Its an honor for me to be а part (even sooooo little) of your beautiful team . From Russia With Love .
  • joaocbsjoaocbs Member New Car Smell
    Well it seem that it's driving time again in full throttle mode...
    Another HIT been developed...
  • thomasb9572thomasb9572 Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2017
    Would love to beta test f1 2017!!!! Sorry, I accidentally sent two! When will we find out if we got selected??
  • chrismelanochrismelano Member New Car Smell
    I don't know if you are still taking BETA applications but I applied too :smile:
    Best regards,
  • Vectro666Vectro666 Member New Car Smell
    When will we be notified who is chosen? I am sure this is going to be the best Codemasters F1 game to date, the new rule changes in F1 will really make the game alot better XD
  • DirtknightDirtknight Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2017
    I would not mind to be a beta tester. I've never really done a beta test before and I really like to.
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  • CroMan1CroMan1 Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2017
    Hey Guys ! Would love to be selected this time for the F1 2017 Beta test on PS4
    League Racer since day 1 and trying to give you a good feedback in all modes !

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  • Zoepa2005Zoepa2005 Member New Car Smell
    I want to be a beta Tester for F1 2017 for Xbox One. Will be profound, accurate and responsive. Take this Job quite serious. Thanks in advance.
  • DaviFernandesDaviFernandes Member New Car Smell
    I Wanted A Lot To Test The Beta, I Am An Unwavering Fan Of The Formula One Games Series :D
  • LukeCuss002LukeCuss002 Member New Car Smell
    I love the F1 series, some of your games have been amazing and some let's be honest have been bad. I would love to be part of the team that helped improve this years version
  • MCM23MCM23 Member New Car Smell
    Loving New series, can't wait for new one to come out :)
  • ProToyRPGProToyRPG Member New Car Smell
    I am really looking forward to how great this new game is going to be, codasters are getteng better at realisically simulating the game from real life eith each game #cantwaitforF12017
  • Shamano79Shamano79 Member New Car Smell
    Just signed up, fingers crossed :D
    In the meantime, i'm warming up on F1 2016!
  • jhallionjhallion Member New Car Smell
    tiametmarduk Says that the cars handle great, and there are more rewards for no assists! Sounds great! Hope I get picked!
  • joe0503joe0503 Member New Car Smell
    I tried to test f1 2016 but wasn't accepted... hopefully this year
  • CGJCGJ Member New Car Smell
    I have been a fan of Formula One for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is Nigel Mansell winning the British Grand Prix in 1992. Ever since Formula One was released on PlayStation, it has been my favourite racing game series. Currently F1 2016 is the game I'm playing more than anything else right now. And the prospect of playing with the new 2017 cars with faster cornering speeds has got me really excited.
  • DreadlightDreadlight Member New Car Smell
    Hopefully they pick me because i know the problem with these games in the past few f1 games
  • JamesDavis2002JamesDavis2002 Member New Car Smell
    Please pick me to test I think I'm an okay racer and want to see if 2017 I can try even harder.
  • zolamansueki223zolamansueki223 Member New Car Smell
    Please guys i know i can have the beta bacause im one of the best driver after tiametmarduk and i will make honest comment about your game to help you improve it
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