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2017 Beta Sign-Up | Codemasters Blog



  • RichXc0re03RichXc0re03 Member New Car Smell
    I believe that I can be of great help to develop F1 2017. I have played every codemaster F1 game. I have great knowledge of the sport. I think I can really help develop this game.
  • lucfolkerlucfolker Member New Car Smell
    I am a dutch leagueracer. Ik race at the league of racestars. Ik play f1 games for 9 years now. And I think I can give you some good feedback to improve the game and make it even better.
  • walterke2walterke2 Member New Car Smell
    beste Jenny

    ik ben van België ( Vlaanderen ) en heb F1 2016 game ps4 digitaal
    jullie hebben dit spel in 8 of 9 talen
    graag zou ik en vele Belgische spelers het F1 2016 spel ook wel in de Vlaamse (Nederlandse taal )
    willen en kunnen spelen
    wanneer brengen jullie dit eindelijk in orde met een update
    als het in andere talen verkrijgbaar is , dan kan dit ook wel in de Nederlandse taal
    alvast bedankt
    mvg walterke2
  • jababoyjababoy Member, Drivers New Car Smell
    edited March 20
    Hi, there I think you should pick me to test F1 2017 Closed Beta on Xbox One because last year, I tested the Beta and gave you important information about certain glitches and my personal opinions on the graphics and handling characteristics in the Beta. In addition I've been a fan of your games since F1 2010 and have loved your work that you have delivered, throughout the last few years. Also I'm very quick as a driver both in real life and on the game. I've completed in Elite Go Kart Races. I have my own YouTube channel, where I give my fans the opportunity to voice their opinions towards the future of this game and in return send it out to you guys in the forums.

    I hope you will take this opportunity to accept me into this Closed Beta, so that in return, I can help improve the game thoroughly, to make fans continue to buy and play your games forever.
    (P.S My Email and Xbox Username is below)

    Email: jababoy@sky,com
    Xbox Username: jababoy

  • M4RL3Y07M4RL3Y07 Member New Car Smell
    edited March 24
    Hello, I am a veteran of online league racing and a constant time trial driver. I would like to put my experience and abilities to use in the closed beta to give you feedback to help improve the F1 Codemasters franchise moving fowards. If this is a possibility, that would be great. Thank you.

    Email: marlo7@hotmail.co.uk
    Xbox One Gamertag: MarLey WoT Boss

  • KurdRKurdR Member New Car Smell
    Hi Jenny

    Where do we sign up? just comment for closed beta?
  • Patrol612Patrol612 Member New Car Smell
    Hello, i playing F1 since 2012 and im going to play F1 2017 too. Last year i was too late to ask for the beta key, but this year i really want to help. In the last 2 years i had a online league with about 20 people and we found more bugs than we expected. Because of this and because i like racing games i really want to help you with some feedback. To give you a better feedback i can ask my league driver to watcch while im testing to get more inforation. I hope that it is possible, it would be great to help on one of my most liked games.

    Thank you for giving the community the chance to help.

    E-Mail: paddi.wiechert@gmail.com
    xbox Tag: patrol06
  • jackthemister44jackthemister44 Member New Car Smell
    I've been playing formula 1 since 2010 all the way up to 2016 so that means I have every codemasters f1 games
  • MvanLions1990MvanLions1990 Member New Car Smell
    i would like to Apply for the closed bèta of f1 2017. I want to help you guys to make this years game even more Great than f1 2016.

    i hope to hear from you soon!

    kinds regards
    Martijn van Leeuwen
    psn: Mvanlions
  • HanfOnkelHanfOnkel Member New Car Smell
    Hi,I am an old F1 beta tester, please take me into the closed beta!

  • GivenGiven Member New Car Smell
    I play Formel one from 2010 to 2015 at pc with Logitech g27 and 2016 at PS4 with g29. I would be glad about an access On PC or PS4. Thanks a lot.
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